LunaJets first European broker to take to the skies on board the brand new HondaJet

LunaJets was invited to experience a test flight on board the HondaJet, making us the first European broker to have experienced this upcoming and exciting addition to the competitive Very Light Jet market.

Three members of the LunaJets’ team took off from Geneva in a HondaJet with a typical seating configuration of a Club 4 and a seat in front of the door and were treated to a tour over the Alps, with stunning views over the mountain peaks and the city, including LunaJets’ own headquarters. Manuel Hübschmann, LunaJets’ Sales Director, described how he was “impressed by the spaciousness of the cabin and quietness of the engines, particularly since the HondaJet is a VLJ aircraft that are not renowned for their interior comfort.”

The not yet fully certified HondaJet offers significant competition to other jets in its category, such as Cessna’s Citation Mustang and Embraer’s Phenom 100, thanks to its impressive capabilities of flying higher and climbing faster than the others, as well as its spacious 5-seater cabin, the largest in its class. Honda’s unique over-the-wing-engine-mount design adds a sleek, stylish exterior to the comfortable interior and partly explains the HondaJet’s excellent fuel efficiency and high performance capabilities.

LunaJets always aims to offer the latest and best private flight options to our clients, ensuring optimized quality service and flight experience, as well as unbeatable prices. We greatly look forward to the HondaJet’s release onto the European market and to chartering one of these state-of-the-art Very Light Jets for your future short-haul private flights.