Five Fast Facts On the Elegant Embraer Phenom 300

The Embraer Phenom 300 light jet is brilliant for short or medium-haul journeys between international and regional airports. Thanks to its comparatively large cabin, high speed and range, it can be a more affordable rental alternative to mid-size jets.

Embraer touts the Phenom 300 as a pilot favourite with good reason. Introduced in 2009, the Phenom 300 has been a best-selling light jet for a decade. The enhanced Phenom 300E, introduced in 2018, is the fastest and longest-range single-pilot jet in production, capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 0.80.

A combination of technology, performance, and passenger comfort, including a quieter cabin, makes it a delight to fly when a light jet is right for your mission. Key safety features include the unique runway overrun awareness and alerting system (ROAAS), which warns the pilot if the runway approach is too steep or too fast.

The Phenom 300E offers next-generation avionics, generous cabin space, an equally generous baggage capacity, a stylish interior with the Oval Lite cabin offering more headroom, legroom and light, and a comfortable cabin altitude of 2011 metres.

Exterior view of a Phenom 300
Exterior view of a Phenom 300

Here are five fast facts about this elegant aircraft:

  1. The Phenom 300 reaches a top speed of 963 km/h, and the 300E reaches 988 km/h. The maximum range has also increased compared to the 300 variant (3,689 km) to 3,723 km, with up to five passengers onboard, including the pilot. So the Phenom 300E can fly non-stop between London and Cairo, San Francisco and Anchorage, Panama City and Bermuda, or Singapore and Maldives.

  2. The spacious cabin is 5.23 metres long, 1.55 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall, with room for up to 11 passengers and their luggage, depending on the aircraft’s configuration. The luggage hold has a capacity of 2.4 m3.

  3. Embraer designed the Phenom 300 with exceptional comfort and ergonomics for passengers. The windows are the largest in this aircraft category, allowing plenty of natural light and a better view in-flight. A lavatory and sink are located behind privacy panels at the back. It has six seats, folding tables, and a refreshment centre in standard configuration. It can seat up to seven passengers when including the co-pilot seat.

  4. The Bossa Nova interior design option available on the Phenom 300E won the International Yacht & Aviation Award in the small/medium jet design category in 2020. Its cool aesthetic includes carbon fiber materials, piano-black colouring, and quilted seat stitching inspired by the sidewalks of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

  5. The improved 300E also features Lufthansa Technik's modern "nice HD" drop-down screen in-flight entertainment system. Power outlets and USB charging ports are available on the ledges by the seats to charge personal electronic devices. An industry-exclusive upper technology panel gives passengers control over their environment and choice of entertainment.

Interior view of a Phenom 300
Interior view of a Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is a popular choice for short flights between destinations not served by airlines and when flying to smaller, more challenging airports like London City and Aspen. Consult your LunaJets advisor to determine whether the Phenom 300 is the right choice for your next flight.