LunaJets: one of the Best Employers in Switzerland

The Swiss financial magazine Bilan twice recognized LunaJets at the “Best Employer in Switzerland” for start-ups under 70 employees. LunaJets received the award for the second time in 2019, reiterating the feat of the preceding year.

Bilan Ranks LunaJets as Best Employer in 2019

In 2019, for the second year in a row, LunaJets took first prize in the ranking of best companies to work for in Switzerland. In a category that counts many eligible candidates, LunaJets distinguished itself as an employer who offers a range of free (for the employees) of services to all members of the staff.

LunaJets Tops the List of Best Employers in 2018

In their tenth annual surveys of companies, Bilan in 2018 ranked companies based on best human resources practices—and LunaJets came out on top. The magazine highlighted some of the many perks that employees at the private jet charter company enjoy at their workplace as a reason for this recognition.