When private aviation faces massive snow or difficult weather

To be delayed and fly on a private plane is an oxymoron inconceivable for all jet travelers.  But this winter, this expression has been disrupted due to massive snow falls.  If the snow is highly appreciated on the slopes, it becomes the nightmare of pilots and air traffic controllers at airports.We all remember the recent snowstorms in the United Kingdom and France, which paralysed air traffic for days. This is also frequently the case for Samedan airport located at an altitude of 1707 meters which was blocked by snow, forcing the cancellation of many flights (Samedan is the airport of the prestigious St Moritz ski resort).

To arrive on time when it is snowing, is it becoming a myth? So far the LunaJets team honored all its winter flights despite the weather conditions.  Our guests arrived on time, sometimes using diversion airports where the deicing of aircraft minutes before take-off was necessary.

Deicing equipment on the ground, in case of freezing conditions and precipitation, is crucial.  Particles of ice and / or frost can indeed paralyze control surfaces (flaps, ailerons …) of the aircraft or make them unequal, thus disrupting the air flow and greatly degrading the ability of the wing to generate lift and increase drag.  It is because of these potential serious consequences that deicing must be made prior to departure and that the decision rests with the captain.Now, if you want to enjoy powder skiing in all confidence, trust us to organize your flight because we have the experience to cope with all weather conditions. Security, price and service remains our priorities.

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