Our top picks in: Brazil

The awe-inspiring beauty of Brazilian natural landscapes can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re planning a visit to this gorgeous land, LunaJets has selected a few spots that will take your breath away. Read on and travel with us.

1| Jericoacoara

Hard to reach and even harder to leave behind, Jericoacoara is a remote piece of paradise on the north-eastern coast of Brazil enjoying 320 sunny days a year.

‘Jeri’, as locals like to call it, is a resort town in the state of Ceará, 300 km from Fortaleza, and approximately three degrees south of the equator. Originally, Jeri was a fishing village hidden behind vast dunes: a tranquil haven away from modern civilisation. The Washington Post’s lists Jeri as one of the world’s top ten most spectacular beaches. While this has attracted more visitors and the accommodation options have broadened, this resort has remained naturally protected from mass tourism, thanks to its remote location.

Sitting between a national park and the sea, this Brazilian hotspot counts numerous charms including wide beaches, sandy streets, freshwater lagoons, vast sand dunes with mesmerising sunset viewpoints, lively bars and restaurants, an evening atmosphere enhanced by local music and an exciting night life. Jeri is also the country’s best spot for windsurfing, and one of the top spots on the planet for both windsurfers and kitesurfers, who visit between August and November, when the winds are consistently strong.

Lodged directly on the beach, The Chili Beach Hotel is the perfect setting for a memorable stay in Jeri. This postcard-worthy hideaway of only six rooms can be entirely yours, with maids, cooks and security guards all at your service.

How to get there?

Jeri is a hard-to-reach location but there is no place LunaJets cannot bring you to. Charter a private jet to Jericoacoara Airport, or Cruz Airport with our expert team’s assistance and we will take care of your transfers too, for a comfortable door-to-door journey.

2| Iguaçu Falls

Another remote hot spot worth travelling the distance for lies in the south-west corner of Brazil: it’s the stunning Iguaçu Falls. Which in Guarani and Tupi language simply means “big water”.

It’s more than just big, it’s colossal: 275 waterfalls taller and wider than the famous Niagara Falls are an absolutely jaw-dropping sight. Witness the thundering power of this natural wonder with the deafening sound of thousands of cubic meters of water flowing over the edge every second.

These spectacular falls were created over a 150 million years ago, when a volcano violently erupted cracking the earth open and giving birth to the canyon where the Iguaçu River runs off today. The most dramatic cliff of all is the so-called Devil’s Throat: a 150-meter-wide and 700-meter-long U-shaped precipice on the Argentina-Brazil border. The falls are shared between the two nations, situated within the Iguaçu National Park, and accessible from Paraguay as well.

In order for your experience to live up to the hype and for your days by the waterfalls to be legendary, it is recommended you visit in (March-April, August-September). To explore the area in a leisurely way, take advantage of the privileged access offered by the luxury retreat Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, the only accommodations built inside the National Park.

How to get there?

Some of the best spots on the planet are difficult to reach. That is certainly the case when travelling to the falls, as the closest large Brazilian city is about ten hours away. However, LunaJets can bring you anywhere you’d like, quickly and comfortably. Our advisors can help you charter a private jet to Cataratas del Iguazu International Airport in Argentina and coordinate your transfer to your accommodation.

3| The Amazon

Hard to get to and impossible to forget: experience the best of the Amazon by staying at the Cristalino Lodge, in the heart of the jungle.

Flying over the Amazon on a private jet makes travellers’ heart skip a beat. The world’s largest river, named after the female warriors of Greek mythology, touches eight countries and the volume of water flowing through its channel is greater than that of the next eight largest rivers combined.

The region’s flora and fauna are rich and diverse, part of a fascinating tropical ecosystem. The Cristalino Lodge’s gigantic private reserve offers hikes along 30 km of trails where visitors can enjoy the sight of astonishing vegetation and iconic species of Brazilian animals with an incredibly abundant birdlife. While exploring the rainforest or silently canoeing along the river, you could spot giant otters, eagles and falcons, monkeys and sometimes even majestic jaguars. With 50-meter tall observation towers the lodge offers spectacular views of the sunset from above the canopy as its remote position, away from civilisation, allows for an authentic experience without a shred of light or sound pollution.

We recommend visiting this Amazonian hideaway in May or June, as the wet and the dry seasons overlap. This is when the river’s water level is highest, allowing visitors to canoe through the flooded forest: a sublime adventure worth your while.

How to get there?

This Lodge is exceptional thanks to its pristine and remote setting, which also means that it is much harder to get to than other spots. The most convenient option is to hire a private jet to Alta Floresta Airport with LunaJets, where the Cristalino staff will await you and bring you to the lodge with a one-hour drive followed by a 30-minute boat journey on the splendid Cristalino River.