LunaJets’ 2018 Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations

It is difficult not to love the Mediterranean atmosphere and everything its shimmering coasts and islands have to offer: pleasantly mild climate, golden beaches, delicious cuisine and clear waters to dive in. Our clients’ attraction for Mediterranean beauties like the Italian Smeralda and Amalfi Coasts, the French Côte d’Azur, the Spanish Costa Brava or the gorgeous Balearic and Greek Islands, seems to be growing every year.

In fact, since 2018 has begun, LunaJets has experienced a significant increase in private jets chartered to land at the airports shown on the map below. Our team has been organizing numerous private flights to these paradises and allowing private jet travellers to reach Capri and the Flegrean Islands like Ischia or Nisida, thanks to the ideal gateway: Naples Capodichino Airport (LIRN, NAP). Have a look at the map below: these destinations are continuously gaining in popularity and ranking higher and higher on our clients’ favourites list.

Our LunaJets offices in Olbia, Ibiza, Palma and Mykonos, offer a holistic experience thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made services, adapted to each individual request. Our local agents take care of hotel reservations and holiday villas bookings, helicopter or car rentals and much more.

Contact our 24/7 private aviation service if the pearls of the Mediterranean have become irresistible to you too!