Top 10 European Spring Destinations 2017

Spring is here, the sun is shinning and the flowers are blooming. What a great season to travel and discover new places. No matter how bad the weather might be where you are, it it will definitely be sunny somewhere else.

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1) Sardinia, Italy - From beautiful white sand beaches, to delicious food and extraordinary culture, Sardinia offers a wide range of sights, activities and relaxation. If you are there on May 12th enjoy “La Cavalcata Sarda” meaning Sardinian Horse Race, where participants are dressed in traditional costumes and parade through the picturesque town on horseback, they then proceed by meeting at the edge of town for horse races and stunts. The event is a symbol for Sardinian pride in their history and culture.

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2) Sevilla, Spain - The capital of Andalusia is well known for its flamenco dancing and in May they host the “April fair” which embraces the culture of the city. For a week the city is filled with entertainment colours, true Andalusian art, and flamenco. If you want to immerse in what the city has to offer and experience true Andalusian tradition, it is the perfect occasion to visit.

Recommended private jet airport:

Seville Airport : SVQ - LEZL

3) Paris, France - Though a traditional choice, springtime in Paris is a sight worth seeing; the trees in the Tuileries blossom, and sitting outside by the Canal Saint Martin are reason enough to visit. Enjoy the strolls along the Seine, or the several outdoor pools Paris has to offer along with the Jardin du Luxembourg. If in the mood for architecture and culture the city’s options are endless; including the Louis Vuitton foundation, Le Louvre and Centre Pompidou. Well known for its food, shopping and art there is plenty to do in this capital.

Recommended private jet airport:

Paris-Le Bourget Airport - LBG - LFPB

4) Copenhagen, Denmark - Located oceanside and known as the happiest city in the world, it is also one of the trendiest, where several international designers have stemmed from, with the concept of “hygge”, and its infamous restaurant “nobu”, it is a city that should not be missed. Several castles are found around Copenhagen and with its trendy bars, hotels and restaurants, it will be hard to run out of things to do.

Recommended private jet airport:

Copenhagen Airport: CPH - EKCH

5) Lisbon, Portugal - For a more relaxed holiday consider Lisbon. Known as the traditional southern European capital, the city is comparable to a fairytale, with old wooden trams and iron funiculars lacing through the city’s steep hills. The city has magnificent views over the endless Atlantic ocean. True to tradition; the Baixa district offers herbalists, fishmongers, and tailors - the city like no other rewinds the clock to a time of tradition and tranquility.

Recommended private jet airports:

Cascais Airport: CAT - LPCS

Lisbon Airport : LIS - LPPT

6) Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona offers a variety of architecture from Modernist to Jean Novel, Herzog and de Meuron, this city of seven beaches is the perfect getaway. Not only does it have architecture but it is well known for its several Michelin starred gastronomic restaurants. With sunshine, food, culture and the beach on offer; Barcelona is a must visit for the spring.

Recommended private jet airport:

Barcelona El Prat Airport : BCN - LEBL

7) Lyon, France - Lyon; the home to Roman ruins and gastronomy. Lyon is well known for its dynamic culture, excellent shopping and bars, it is also the location for the Euro Expo, the famous location known to host several exhibitions. April 2017 will see exhibitions including; international contemporary art, Japanese manga culture, pop culture and more. With shopping, great food, and great culture Lyon sets itself up to be the perfect weekend getaway.

Recommended private jet airport:

Lyon-Bron Airport : LYN - LFLY

8) Rome, Italy - The capital of Italy, and a city that is pulsating with things to do; quirky shops, trattorias and an energetic aperitivo scene give Rome a second dimension to its archaeological sites and piazzas. Rome offers a strong creative scene, with a variety of concerts, performances and museums. Make sure to be there on April 21st, “Rome’s Birthday” , where a splendour of festivities take place throughout the city, and in the evening fireworks are set off to celebrate.

Recommended private jet airport:

Ciampino Airport : CIA - LIRA

9) Vienna, Austria - Known for its extravagant balls, and opera, Vienna is one of the most musically rich cities in Europe. Exemplified by its “Blues Spring festival” where several musicians come from all over to play music throughout April and May. In addition to music, Austria offers several galleries and modern takes on the cafe culture, along with extravagant hotels and venues. Visit a city where music fills the streets and there are a wealthy number of things to do.

Recommended private jet airport:

Vienna International Airport : VIE - LOWW

10) Bonifacio, France - Well known for its rare species such as the white-blue dolphin and the shearwater seabird, Bonifacio offers a large range of flora and fauna. Bonifacio has beautiful views along its canal in addition to several white sand beaches located nearby. The city has a variety of terraces, bars and specialises in seafood gastronomy. Go on boat trips and be sure to visit the Citadel, Bonifacio’s historic site where you will find aqueducts, and drawbridges from the 16th century as well as an unforgettable view.

Recommended private jet airport:

Figari Sud-Corse Airport : FSC – LFKF

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