Private jet: Tailor-made flight

Organise your tailor-made flight on a private jet In these busy times, having a grip on your travels and being able to control your schedule up to the second is of increasing importance. A well organised tailor-made flight is the guarantee to be able to control your final objective such as signing an important contract or long-awaited holidays. For these reasons the tailor-made flight on a private jet is the perfect solution in order to optimise your traveling and save time.

Rent your private jet to organise your tailor-made flight Tailor-made flight means personalised flight (organised in as little as 2 hours) for various reasons:

Last minute travel

Emergency medical evacuation flight

(Worldwide travel)

Flight to special airports

Flight with animals/pets

Flight in a cabin that allows smoking

Flight for a special occasion (with e.g. tailor-made special catering)

Flight with a special cargo


A tailor-made flight implies that the LunaJets team adapts to your request and your requirements according to your travel planning and to your budget.

Support from specialists in tailor-made flights on private jets Our team will assist you in defining the different steps involved in organising your tailor-made flight. Together we will choose the aircraft that is adapted to your itinerary and to your budget. Our role is to completely free you from all concern that can arise from the organisation of your tailor-made flight. Also our mission is to negotiate the lowest rate for your private jet while making sure you get the highest levels of service quality and of safety. We guarantee a personalised service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We stay by your side along the flight, from your private jet’s departure to its arrival at destination. Your safety being our first concern, we select your aircraft according to regulations in force and only offer recent and regularly maintained aircraft. Be free of all organisational concerns, and let our experts manage your tailor-made flight while saving your money. Remain assured that with our tailor-made solutions you will benefit from a transportation mean that is both flexible and financially valuable compared to our competitors who offer less competitive block hour programmes, such as the 25h card.

How can you get a tailor-made flight on a private jet, at the market’s best price? Unlike our competitors, we negotiate the rates for your tailor-made private jet flights on a case by case basis. Therefore, we do not offer fixed prices for your flights because we constantly review the rates with our partner operators. This system allows you to save between 10 and 60% on every flight (see our pricing here). For example, compared to our competitors you can save an average 9000 € on a 4 hour flight with LunaJets on a tailor-made flight on a Light Jet. As detailed above, LunaJets adapts to all your wishes while offering the best quality and safety for your private jet. We organise your tailor-made flight at the best price available on the market.

To organise your tailor-made flight, you can contact LunaJets on +41 22 782 12 12.