Charter your private jet to Art Basel Hong Kong

From March 15th-17th, galleries from all over the world will congregate in the vibrant city of Hong Kong for a wonderful event that provides the platform for them to showcase their art to thousands of visitors. Charter your private jet with LunaJets’ expert team for exclusive deals on private flights to Art Basel Hong Kong.

Art Basel Hong Kong is truly unique due to the incredible cross-cultural exchange that takes place at the event, with around half of the galleries exhibiting at the show being from Asia and the Asia Pacific area, while the other half come from all over the world. Hong Kong is the perfect location to host it because the city itself is a cultural melting pot that represents a portal between the East and the West.

Art Basel Hong Kong is made up of 6 different exhibition sectors, showcasing Modern and Contemporary Art, large-scale sculpture and installation works, film and photography, among others. The show is the perfect opportunity to admire pieces by both well-known, established artists and emerging talent. There are also a wide variety of talks and forums from internationally recognised art historians and experts to broaden your knowledge and inspire debate. During Art Basel Hong Kong, the city is alive with events that are held at galleries, museums and other cultural centres so, whether you are an artist, collector, dealer or just an art-lover, you’re biggest problem will be fitting them all in. For more information visit the official website of Art Basel Hong Kong.

Whether you are flying from Europe, the States, the Middle East or elsewhere in Asia, LunaJets are on hand to find the perfect flight solution to ensure you fly private to Art Basel Hong Kong at the best price. Our team are available 24/7 to accommodate your every need and, as well as your private flight to Hong Kong, would be delighted to organise your transfer from the airport. We are at your service for all the most important events across the world, including the other Art Basel events in Basel, Switzerland in June or Miami Beach, USA in December.

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