Your private jet to Los Angeles for the Milken Institute Global Conference

From 26th – 29th April, the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles will host the Milken Institute Global Conference, a truly remarkable event that attracts business and political leaders from all over the world. LunaJets offers an unparalleled service and the best prices on the market for your private jet to Los Angeles for the Milken Institute Global Conference.

The Milken Institute was founded in 1991 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization that aimed to serve as an economic think tank to facilitate the discussion of real solutions to the world’s most critical problems. Every year, the Institute’s Global Conference acts as an ideas sharing platform for the most influential decision-makers from the private and public sectors, enabling them to explore means of solving the most urgent economic and social problems faced by humanity today.

Now in its 18th year, the Global Conference represents an exceptional opportunity to participate in the debate alongside elected political leaders, highly esteemed academics and many Fortune 500 CEOs. Attendees will be exposed to a broad range of perspectives from panellists from all over the world, discussing a wide variety of topics, ranging from finance, law and science to healthcare, philanthropy and the energy crisis.

With over 3,000 industry and political leaders from 75 different countries travelling to the Milken Institute Global Conference, it is crucial that you organise your private flight to Los Angeles well in advance to be certain of securing take-off and landing slots.

LunaJets expert team are on hand 24/7 to charter your private jet to the Global Conference and would also be delighted to arrange your transfer from the airport.

For more information or to book your private jet to Los Angeles for the Milken Institute Global Conference, please do not hesitate to contact LunaJets’ team on +41 22 782 12 12 or email us at