Private Islands by Private Jet

Alert: dream destinations about to be revealed

While there are a number of obvious advantages to flying private; like comfort, time efficiency and lack of stress; one of the most exciting perks might be the ability to reach some of the most incredible places this earth has to offer!

“Private island bliss”, they say? If you haven’t already, then find out what that feels like by flying to one of these pocket-sized exotic gems with LunaJets.

Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas

Break free from duties and internet connection to plunge into sensory pleasures: everything you will see, hear, smell, taste or touch in Kamalame Cay is likely to make you happy, very happy.

No fuss, no frills: only the euphoric feeling of freedom, privacy and indulgence. The island’s unspoiled nature, endless white sand beach and the shimmering transparent waters of The Bahamas, might make you want to call this place your home for a few days a year (at least). Only 70 guests can do so at a time, and enjoy the experience of being stranded on Robinson Crusoe’s island for a while… one that comes with oceanfront bungalows, tennis courts and a splendid overwater spa, the only one in The Bahamas.

Take a swim near the world’s third largest coral reef, a walk in the blooming jungle or enjoy a barefoot stroll on the deserted beach: family-owned Kamalame Cay is set just off the Andros Great Barrier Reef and will welcome you as part of the family.

To get to the island: charter a private jet from Nassau to San Andros Airport with LunaJets, and a boat will bring you to Kamalame Cay in only five minutes.

Lanai, Hawaii

Live the Hawaiian way during your stay on Lanai, the largest private island in the world, yet Hawaii’s smallest inhabited land.

The island’s untamed nature, hidden beaches and impressive mountains over 1000 meters tall, allow for unforgettable days spent meditating, hiking, horseback riding and swimming in oasis-like blue waters with wild dolphins.

While the sea breeze gently undulates giant palm trees, you can enjoy the silence on an island free of pollution; and breathe in the floating serenity in front of scenic sunset and sunrise views of the Pacific.

At the five-star resorts scattered on the island, visitors can fully relax, play golf or choose to sail away for a snorkelling day trip.

There is no way to reach Lanai directly, other than by private jet. Charter your own aircraft with LunaJets and fly from anywhere on the planet to Lanai Airport’s runway.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Sir Richard Branson’s private paradise is a 30-hectare lush island in the shimmering waters of the Caribbean Sea that – drum roll – can be entirely yours! Yes, you can hire the whole island, and live out your ultimate, barefoot chic, castaway fantasy.

Pleasantly warm and sunny all year round, this exclusive retreat offers all the space and luxurious amenities you could desire. Its colourful untouched nature is home to an exciting variety of wildlife: in fact, you will be sharing the island with lemurs, flamingos, scarlet ibis, rock iguanas and Aldabra giant tortoises! Even more vast is the array of activities you can enjoy with the Necker Island family, or just with yours: from yoga to tennis, snorkelling and day excursions to night scuba diving, fine dining and chic white parties. Necker Island can be just as social and fun as it can be intimate and relaxing: read long-neglected books in the sea breeze of your oceanfront patio or take languid swims in the crystal-clear waters that surround you.

Fly to one of the most exclusive corners of the planet: charter a private jet to Beef Island Airport with LunaJets and let our experienced team arrange your bespoke transfers to reach Necker by boat or helicopter, the island has its own helipad and anchoring your yacht off Necker is possible too.

Turneffe Island, Belize

The remote and newly renovated resort on Turneffe Island, a 1.5-hour boat ride from Belize City (Central America), is a divers’ and fishermen’s paradise.

The eco-conscious private island offers the ultimate diving and fishing experience: it is surrounded by over 70 dive sites, including the legendary Great Blue Hole made famous by French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, and considered one of the most incredible scuba diving sites on the globe.

Activities and accommodation on the island are just as spectacular as the natural landscape, where tranquillity, hammock naps and countless reading hours are at your disposal, daily.

To enjoy the island life, charter a private plane to Belize City’s Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport with LunaJets and reach the gorgeous 22-room Turneffe Island Resort by boat or helicopter with our, and the property’s, assistance.

Kokomo Island, Fiji

Do tropical rainforest and pristine beaches wrapped in soft white sands sound good? Well, it is only part of the wonders you’ll encounter on this secluded, intimate paradise.

The Kokomo Island resort melts lush design with simplicity and its scenarios are enhanced by stunning views of clear waters and other green islands offshore.

Guests stay at luxurious residences on the island’s hills or in the gorgeous beachfront villas with their own private pools.

Peace and privacy, impeccable service, and a vast array of inviting activities shape your holiday on Kokomo Island: from water sports and snorkelling in the turquoise waters by the Great Astrolabe Reef, to tennis games and rejuvenating Fijian spa sessions.

How to get there? Charter a private jet to Nadi International Airport in Fiji and let LunaJets organise your VIP transfer to Kokomo Island by boat or seaplane.

Milaidhoo, Maldives

126 km north west of Male, in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve, you will find the tiny island of Milaidhoo. Close to Hanifaru Bay and encircled by a coral reef teeming with life, this gorgeous little piece of fertile land is a divers’ paradise. Besides incredible diving and snorkelling sites, its 5.4 hectares of peaceful seclusion and untouched tropical beauty offer perfect settings for daily meditation and yoga routines.

Guests of the 50-villa five-star island retreat stay in utterly secluded beach houses with private pools, or in overwater villas, with direct access to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Here, the indulgences lie in sinking your bare feet in soft white sands and in doing only what you feel like doing. Every aspect of your vacation can be tailored to your wishes, on an island where next-level services and freedom are the least you can expect.

To get to Milaidhoo, in the Baa Atoll, charter a private jet to Male International Airport; from there, a seaplane will fly you to the island in 35 minutes made of beautiful views of natural scenery.

To some of us, true luxury is the feeling of space and freedom. Travelling with your private jet to the private island of your dreams, might be just that.

At your service 24/7, LunaJets can bring you to any of these paradise-lands: get in touch with our experienced advisors anytime by phone at +41 22 782 12 12 or by email us at and fly off to your very own private-island-bliss moments.