No negative impact on private jet flights due to stronger swiss franc

Since the Swiss National Bank decided to drop the cap on the franc against the euro, I think it is important to explain why we see NO negative impact on your private jet flights.

If you are swiss-based, the impact is even positive, as you can now fly 15-20% more than before!  Indeed last year 97% of our bookings were denominated in Euro, GBP or USD.  As a fully independent booking platform, with no ties to any aircraft or aircraft owner, LunaJets is uniquely able to neutrally source aircraft in all European, Asian and US countries, and take advantage of the strength of the CHF.

We even notice a stronger demand from our Swiss clients, who take advantage of this trading opportunity!

If you are non-CHF denominated, you will incur no material impact whatsoever, for the same reason as above.  We simply do not charter Swiss aircraft in CHF, and propose them in Euros...

We are very proud to be a Swiss company.  Compared to its size and GDP, Switzerland is by far the biggest private aviation hub in the world.  Last year only, Geneva and Zurich cumulated more than 60,000 business jets movements (respectively 34,000 and 26,000).

When I started LunaJets in 2007, the CHF was trading above 1.6 vs Euro, and despite our currency appreciating during the period, we managed to become the biggest independent business jets flight provider in continental Europe, with a growth of nearly 40% in 2014.

I would like to thank you for your trust and do not hesitate to contact me at