LunaJets renews its support to World Bicycle Relief

LunaJets, Europe’s leading private jet booking platform, supports WBR for the second year in a row now. We chose to contribute to a project that allows those in need to be mobile because we believe in the incredible value mobility and travel bring to our lives. While we specialise in flawless private aviation services, we appreciate how all modes of transportation allow us to save time, to be free, to reach our destination and accomplish more than we could ever do if we had no choice but to remain static. No one should suffer the lack of mobility, and supporting WBR means taking a first step towards the empowerment of the inhabitants of the developing world’s rural areas through a better mode of travel.

The humanitarian organisation shortens the distance between people and their daily tasks, their projects, their independence, by giving them a sustainable and reliable mean of transport: Buffalo Bicycles that are ‘as strong as a buffalo’.

In total, World Bicycle Relief has distributed over 390,000 Buffalo Bicycles over the last 10 years. In 2017, 54,687 bikes were deployed with the help of contributors like LunaJets, changing 273,435 lives. As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we are proud to donate a percentage of our profit to this seemingly simple, yet truly amazing initiative that is changing the world, an individual at a time.

Did you know that riding a bike allows you to travel four times the distance of someone who is walking?

In areas where walking is often the only way for people to reach their school, receive and provide medical help or to sell and buy goods, possessing a bicycle means a lot.

Students’ attendance and performance, especially girls’, has significantly improved after receiving a Buffalo Bicycle; simply because, in most cases, the main obstacle to education in developing countries is getting to school.

Similarly, healthcare workers like Royce from rural Zambia, can help a greater number of homebound patients when travelling by bike: Royce can treat 18 ill and injured per day now. Whereas walking only allowed her enough time to visit three patients in one day.

A durable and strong mean of transport also facilitates economic exchanges: farmers can access markets further away and transport up to 100 kg of goods on their Buffalo Bicycles; while it is easier for families to carry their purchases home, and four times faster than by foot. Further economic opportunities also emerge thanks to WBR’s local trainings for mechanics and assemblers.

Initially designed for Africa, and currently distributed in South America and Southeast Asia as well, these incredibly resistant bikes mobilise the inhabitants of the developing world’s rural areas. Through the power of bicycles, the NGO has lifted the barrier of distance, bringing people closer to education, healthcare and new development opportunities.

At LunaJets, we are very proud to keep supporting WBR: its progress, impact and tangible results prove how far we can go when empowering people by giving them a bicycle.

LunaJets is WBR’s only partner within the private aviation industry so far and we hope to inspire others to participate in the World Bicycle Relief’s meaningful efforts in turning the world into a better place for all.

We’d like to thank our clients again for their trust and loyalty, we wouldn’t be able to sustain this important partnership without them.

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