Eymeric Segard, how LunaJets disrupted the private jet industry, in Handelszeitung

In the Handelszeitung article “Das Gespräch Eymeric Segard”, the CEO and founder of LunaJets, Eymeric Segard, discusses how LunaJets disrupts the private aviation industry and challenges the prices and conditions for private jet flights. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Segard highlights how he combines innovative technology with talented Swiss workforce to create an efficient yet personalised booking experience. Extract.

Are you the Airbnb or Uber of the private jet industry?

Eymeric Segard : We have carried over the technology concept from companies such as Uber and Airbnb to the private jet industry. We are the largest independent provider of flights in private jets in Europe, and have access to 4,800 aircraft.

Which came first? LunaJets or Uber and Airbnb?

We founded LunaJets in 2007 in Geneva. The others came later: Airbnb started in 2008 and Uber in 2009. We have placed a lot of emphasis, since the first day of our existence, on technology, as it greatly simplifies the search for flights and brokers. In addition to technology, it still needs the expertise of people, who advise customers and supervise the flight.

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Interview : Tim Hofinghoff

Pictures : Sebastien Agnetti