Lufthansa's pilots on strike : 1,700 flights cancelled

From today, Tuesday, November 29th until the end of this week, Lufthansa is cancelling more that 1,700 domestic and regional flights as a result of the strike that started last week.

Starting tomorrow, Wednseday, November 30th, international flights are going to be cancelled. As a consequence of this industrial action, even connecting flights with other airlines working with Lufthansa will be impacted in the following days.

Last week, the cancellation of 2,800 flights departing from Lufthansa’s main German hubs already affected more than 350,000 passengers, who were stuck in Hamburg and Dusseldorf airports as well as in Asia and America. This pay dispute between the pilot union and the airline started in 2014.

So far, since the begining of the action last Tuesday LunaJets already helped over twenty clients in need for alternative flight solutions thanks to private flight solution.

What to do if your flight has been cancelled ?

First of all, check with the airline ( the status of your flight.

If your flight has effectively been cancelled, or if its status is still uncertain don’t take any risk, call your private jet broker.

Since this strike is not affecting air traffic controlers, private aviation is not impacted. The LunaJets team of Private Aviation Advisors is able to find a suitable aircraft and organise your alternative flight solution in no time allowing you to take off within the hour. Private jets offer a seamless and flexible travel solution for you to reach your destination on time.

As usual during the strike, the LunaJets team is on hand to help you reach your meetings on time. We already helped hundreds of Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa’s clients. Do not hesitate to contact your Private Aviation Advisor on +41 22 782 12 12 or by email at