Land in Private Jet to Gstaad - LunaJets Advices

Thanks to being based in Geneva and our expertise in private flights to the Alps, every year LunaJets arranges countless flights for clients travelling to ski resorts.

There are a large number of different Alpine airports and we always find the most convenient one for your destination, whether this is Geneva, Annecy, Sion, Chambéry or anywhere else.

What about Gstaad?

Gstaad is an extremely popular ski destination for our clients and, since Saanen-Gstaad Airport is just a 5-minute drive from the resort itself, we are frequently asked to organise flights directly there.

It is very possible that you may have seen private flights landing or taking-off from Saanen-Gstaad Airport in the past, or perhaps even flown to or from there yourself. However, the only aircraft that are able to make use of this runway during the winter months are privately owned aircraft. Even in the summer, when the issue of ice no longer exists, twin-engine turbo-propeller aircraft are the only commercially chartered planes that can fly directly to Gstaad.

Only “private” flights can land at Gstaad, what is the difference between these and “commercial” flights?

A “private” flight refers to when an aircraft’s owner, their friends or family are being flown somewhere. They do not pay for the use of the aircraft, since it belongs to them.

A “commercial” flight refers to when a client has paid for the charter of an aircraft. The regulations for “commercial” flights are considerably stricter than those relating to “private flights”. There are restrictions on crew duty hours and runway length, among various other safety considerations that are considerably more rigorous than for a privately flown aircraft.

Therefore, if money has been exchanged for the commercial charter of a private jet then access to Gstaad-Saanen Airport is prohibited.

What are the available alternatives to fly private to Gstaad?

The first alternative would be to fly to Saanen by helicopter, since these are not restricted and LunaJets can easily organise your helicopter transfer to and from Gstaad.

Bern Airport is the closest international airport. It is equipped with numerous private aviation lounges, enabling you to prepare for your flight in optimum comfort. Although it is considerably further than Saanen-Gstaad Airport, LunaJets would be more than happy to organise your transfer to the resort, either by car, which takes an hour, or by helicopter to have you in Gstaad in just 30 minutes.

All year long, our team is available 24/7 to advise you about which airport best suits your requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us on +41 22 782 12 12 or email us at