In 2013 ski in perfect conditions

Combining business aviation and helicopters to join the most prestigious ski resorts is a real door-to-door solution. In addition, you can take the opportunity to try heli-skiing as well!

If you are seeking the perfect powder without the effort required in hiking or ski-mountaineering, heli-skiing is ideal.  In less than ten minutes you can be dropped off by a local helicopter on the most breathtaking summits of the Alps.  In addition, ski mountaineers may use a range of technical equipment, like ice axes, ropes or crampons to reach inaccessible points on foot, that you don’t need with heli-skiing…

How does heli-skiing work?

Most of the time the helicopter will drop you off in the morning in the heart of your favorite snowfield where your guide will take you to pristine slopes...  At the end of the day the helicopter will fly you back to your chalet or hotel. During the whole day, enjoy pristine skiing conditions that are hard to replicate like long descents on powder snow and the steepest slopes.

You want to leave and ski now?

Your schedule is our schedule, whichever your destination.  We offer tailor made solutions on private jets with all door-to-door advantages.  If you are uncertain as to which airport to use for which ski resort, the map below shows the most renowned European ski resorts together with their nearby active airports.  Make sure to speak with a charter expert at LunaJets to organise your next trip as some of these airports operate with restrictions, special opening times or a higher sensitivity to weather conditions.  Our experts know what are the best solutions for you according to your ski resort destination. Call us on +41 844 042 844 to organise your flights on private jets.

Cover Picture by Trysil is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0