The Human Touch in Private Aviation: LunaJets' Expertise Meets Technolog

The World Economic Forum shared inspiring insights about the top skills to sharpen in order to stay ahead of the game in a workplace shaped by technological advancements.

In this article, we observe how LunaJets' workforce combine the use of technology with the exercise of continuously honing its skills. The technologies we own and use purely support our team’s mission as we firmly believe that although human characteristics such as creativity, emotional intelligence or decision-making can be backed by computers and robots, they remain irreplaceable to achieve the level of service we aim to offer.

At LunaJets, we take pride in delivering human, personalised services to our clientele.

Our teams’ creativity, critical thinking and negotiation skills deliver the highest levels of travel services, at the best price

Thinking out of the box is a common trait shared by our private aviation advisors. Our team members use their creativity to tackle unexpected issues, think of innovative solutions, and outsmart computers. In fact, LunaJets’ personal, and human approach allows for our clients’ needs to be fulfilled.

At LunaJets, the answer to flight queries are not automated, nor processed by a computer alone: the use of technology is complementary to our experts’ work. We provide a holistic travel experience, where our private aviation advisory team negotiates the best price for your private jet charter flight, by comparing and discussing the offers of multiple operators.

Our advisors are experienced in finding the most suitable flight options, recommending the appropriate jet models, solving situations linked to unavailable aircraft, obtaining special flying and landing permissions, checking airports’ weather conditions and all the other details leading travellers to enjoy a flawless private jet experience, flight after flight.

On one occasion, for example, a client called us in the afternoon to book a private flight departing from Geneva at 11:30 PM, the same day. The aircraft operator needed to bring the selected private jet from Malaga to Geneva in order to perform the flight. However, the positioning flight was empty, and Geneva Airport forbids aircraft to land after 10:00 PM for noise control purposes, unless it carries passengers. This particular private jet was the best option for our client, matching his needs in terms of model and price; so we had to find a creative and fast solution for the plane to arrive in Geneva as planned. We offered a friend the irresistible opportunity to use the positioning flight for free, thus allowing the aircraft to land in Geneva in the evening and depart with our client on time.

In short: our private aviation team saved the day without the client even noticing our efforts behind the scenes.

In fact, our team’s creativity and negotiation skills consistently offer a better service, at a better rate, than any algorithm ever will.

People management and emotional intelligence for powerful team work and outstanding performance

From intensive private aviation internal training and language courses, to ski retreats and team building activities, LunaJets regularly allocates resources to its human capital. We aim to provide our employees with the best possible framework, enabling every team member to perform to the best of his or her potential. Cohesive, trustworthy, cheerful and efficient are only a few of the tags LunaJets’ team wears daily. Thanks to a strong management team lead by Eymeric Segard (Founder & CEO) and Alain Leboursier (Sales & Business Development Director), LunaJets’ team is committed and motivated, driven by the right balance between following procedures and taking initiative.

Our collaborative tools enhance team communication, which help us match and exceed clients’ expectations. LunaJets’ wise use of technology, accompanies our team members in their concerted efforts to find the ideal private flight solution for our clients. LunaJets’ management and tools combined, enable us to entrust flight requests to the right advisor according to the client's preferred language, the advisor's experience with the countries in question, his network of useful local contacts and more.

Moreover, when time is of the essence and clients express the need for an urgent, last-minute flight, also known as a “go now” flight, the entire team reacts to our red alert process by focusing on finding an aircraft able to take-off as soon as 60 minutes following the client’s request.

We recently helped a competitor's client whose private jet was grounded in Olbia, as a technical issue caused the plane to be unable to fly; also known as an AOG situation (Aircraft On Ground). Operating its own fleet of private jets through a fractional ownership program, our competitor would have needed several hours to fix the problem. So we intervened to provide the client with a fast solution: LunaJets’ team managed to find a private jet with a crew ready to take off right away. While our lewly acquired client chose to indulge in one last italian meal before flying back to Geneva; his private jet, chartered with LunaJets, was ready for departure 25 minutes after he had called us.

We take pride in constantly improving our teamwork to deliver seamless private air travel experiences and aim to build meaningful relationships with each and every one of our clients.

Judgment, decision-making and complex problem solving for a flexible and time-efficient service

Our team offers the right balance between comfort and cost efficiency for passengers to enjoy the perks of private aviation at the best price on the market. Our advisors are available round-the-clock and shape their assistance to match clients’ needs, promptly responding to each query with a fast solution.

We consider finding alternatives, overcoming communication obstacles, resolving challenges linked to luggage capacity or carrying special items and being ready to face the unexpected, as part of our role. Our team has gained extensive experience in tackling different sorts of issues, cross-checking all available information to make well-weighed decisions and take action.

A recent case can illustrate LunaJets’ prompt response to urgent and challenging situations. We received a late-night phone call from a client located in Lisbon who desperately needed to fly back to India following the death of a relative. With international flights to India requiring a prior permission that takes at least three days to be issued, our client wouldn’t have made it on time for the funeral. So, our team had to find a solution to skirt this administrative obstacle, and allow our client to attend this important life event. Our aviation experts also managed to circumvent the rule limiting pilots to a maximum of 10 hours of flight duty per day, by combining 3 private jet flights with ideally short connection times: Lisbon (LIS) – Paris (LBG), Paris (LBG) – Dubai (DWC) and Dubai (DWC) – Chennai (MAA). This clever solution enabled our client to hire the very last private aircraft from an Indian operator, which did not require permission to enter its own airspace. Departing at 4 AM, our client was able to arrive at Chennai International Airport at 10:30 PM on the same day, making it on time for the funeral.

This example also shows why computers wouldn’t be able to tackle most of the complex issues involved in today’s private aviation world.

Service orientation and cognitive flexibility for a truly bespoke experience

Predominantly graduates of the world’s best hospitality management schools, our private aviation advisors apply a client-centric approach. We are experienced in fulfilling the needs of our clientele, knowing how to adapt to individual clients and meet special requirements to consistently deliver tailor-made experiences.

LunaJets’ advisory team regularly organises private jet flights on special occasions like birthdays or weddings, taking care of unusual requests, customising the aircraft’s decorations and fulfilling even the most peculiar catering wishes. We also offer flexible services to answer specific needs linked to urgent situations such as medical flights; and provide personalised assistance to passengers flying with pets or transporting invaluable objects and pieces of art.

Every flight is unique and our advisors’ meticulous attention to detail leaves no room for error, ensuring completely hassle-free journeys.

For instance, when a Russian client flying from Geneva to Nice, asked for his on-board meal to taste like Russia, we managed to deliver a delicious menu from his favourite restaurant in Moscow: the Matryoshka. This meant we had to work our magic behind the scenes: we found another client that was flying from Moscow to Geneva and used our network to organise this express, personalised catering delivery. To round off his bespoke private flight experience, we placed Russian newspapers on the plane’s dining table.

We consider that understanding clients’ requirements and meeting their expectations isn’t enough: we aim to anticipate and exceed them.

At LunaJets, we value our human capital and wisely use technology to support our mission: offer unbeatable rates while delivering excellent, personalised private aviation services that robots just can’t match.