LunaJets now offers a private jet de-icing insurance.

Picture Credits : Matthias Geiger

Snow arrived in the Alps during the very first weeks of November. It marks the begining of the winter conditions. The world renowed alpin ski resorts (like Gstaad, Courchevel and St Moritz) already opened some of their slopes ! But snow and frost are also back at the airports. Geneva and Zurich airports already experienced their first de-icings of the season.

Why de-icing of an aircraft is important ? When snow or frost covers aircraft wings, tails or fuselage it alters its shape and affects its airworthiness which might prevent it from flying.

De-icing is linked to weather conditions and in most of the cases completely unpredictable. How much does it cost ? It depends on the conditions and the amount of snow. If their is only a slight layer of snow on the wings, the procedure will only consist in blowing it up. In case the amount of snow is more important, then, a de-icing truck will spray hot under pressure de-icing fluid on the wins, tail and fuselage. When the temperature are very low, anti-icing fluid might also be needed top prevent frost from appearing on the aircraft. From all this will depend the final cost of the de-icing plus of course, the size of the aircraft will affect the time of treatment and the quantity of liquid needed. Therefore, a de-icing cost may vary from 800€ to 5,000€, below is an overview.

We know how frustrating it can be to receive an extra bill for a de-icing after the flight, sometimes up to 50% of the flight cost. Therefore LunaJets is now offering you a de-icing insurance at moderate price.

Why would you take a risk which is most likely to happen ? Starting at 200€, the LunaJets de-icing insurance will protect you from any unpredictable post flight charges, ensuring you a hassle-free private jet booking experience.

For your private jet flight to or from the main ski resorts in Europe make sure to ask your Private Aviation Advisor to add the LunaJets de-icing insurance to your booking. Do not hesitate to contact us on +41 22 782 12 12 or at if you have any questions.