Charter a private jet to the 2019 World Economic Forum with LunaJets

Since 1971, the beginning of every year sees a particularly influential, invitation-only event analyse society’s present state and discuss initiatives to shape tomorrow’s economic landscape.

You probably guessed, it’s the one and only: World Economic Forum.

The goal? Drive positive change and ameliorate the world we live in. In other words, set an agenda of meaningful actions towards solving the global challenges this generation has inherited.

The crowd? Brilliant individuals from all sectors of global society, whose decisions impact millions of lives. Heads of state, top executives from the companies at the leading edge of global economy, members of international and non-governmental organisations…

The date and venue? The WEF congregates the minds shifting the world’s future economic outlook in Davos, Switzerland, from the 22nd to the 25th of January 2019.

If the year’s most solution-oriented gathering is on your agenda, contact LunaJets to reach the WEF 2019 by private jet and/or helicopter.

Private jet charter options and VIP airport transfers are tailored to your needs and adjusted in response to the ever-growing number of participants travelling to the WEF’s closest airports. Samedan St. Moritz Airport (SMV) and Zurich Airport (ZRH), situated a 90-minute and 2-hour drive respectively from Davos, will be extremely busy.

Alternatively, WEF attendees can land at Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH) which is 2-hour drive away from Davos; or Bern Airport (BRN), which is only considered when combined with a helicopter transfer to Davos as it as it would take too long to get to the WEF’s venue by car.

We recommend comfortable helicopter rides between the airports below and Davos:

Samedan St. Moritz | 15 minutes

Zurich | 35 minutes

Friedrichshafen | 35 minutes

Bern | 60 minutes

Basel | 60 minutes

Geneva | 90 minutes

Courchevel | 90 minutes

Get in touch with our aviation experts as soon as possible: LunaJets secures landing slots for your private flights to Davos at the best price on the market, and organises ideal airport transfers to and from the WEF. We are on hand 24/7.