Soaring demand for private jet charter flights to Russia's world cup final

As expected, we have been experiencing a peak of private jet flights to Russia since the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The perks of private aviation enable a flexibility commercial aviation will never match. With the lack of available seats and prices shooting up for business class flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, chartering a private jet is becoming even more attractive.

Only a couple of minutes following France’s victory in Saint Petersburg, several clients had already booked the flight option they had previously retained with their LunaJets advisor to attend France’s second world cup final.

We are also receiving an increasing demand from England and Croatia for on-demand private jet charter flights to the semi-final between England and Croatia. Many fans and clients have already placed an option on flights to attend the final in the event their supported team comes out victorious tonight.

Our advisory team has already organised numerous flights to the 2018 World Cup at extremely interesting rates. For instance, we chartered a Bombardier Challenger 850 between Paris and Saint Petersburg enabling our clients to fly for less than 4900€ per person for their world cup 2018 round trip, including VIP transfers to the Krestovsky Stadium.

The first world cup won by France happened 20 years ago, in 1998, while England raised the cup for the last time in 1966 and Croatia would be experiencing its first world title. Experiencing the excitement of a world cup final and supporting one’s favorite team is a thrilling moment that might happen only once in a lifetime. So do not hesitate to contact our team of aviation experts to source the best available aircraft on the market to attend the world cup’s final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.