Avoid strike disruption with Private Aviation

On Tuesday, November 22nd, cabin crew unions at Eurowings, the German low cost air carrier, are organising an industrial action. This will impact short and middle haul flights. Flights from Dusseldorf and Hamburg will be particularly affected.

For Wednesday, November 23rd and Thursday, November 24th, the pilot union « Cockpit » calls for a two days strike. All Lufthansa flights departing from Germany will be affected, short haul, middle haul and long haul flights. This is the 14th action since the beginning of the pay dispute at Lufthansa starting in 2014.

Is your flight affected by the Lufthansa strike?

This Tuesday, November 22rd, several Eurowings flights departing from Dusseldorf and Hamburg airports will be affected by the strike. On the 23rd and 24th, we expect more cancellations and delays. All Lufthansa flights departing from Germany, middle and long haul are likely to be impacted. Only Lufthansa flights are concerned by that action, other Lufthansa’s subsidiaries are operating as planned.

How to avoid strike disruptions?

Industrial actions from cabin crew members and pilots from commercial airlines affect thousands of passengers, who will be stuck at the airport without any alternative solution. Private Aviation is not affected by such industrial actions and therefore is in most of the cases the ideal solution to ensure that you are reaching your meetings on time during the strikes.

LunaJets team is available 24/7 to organise your private flight solution with no minimum notice. If your commercial flight has been cancelled but you still need to fly to a meeting or want to avoid terminal congestion, call your private aviation advisor and take-off in no time.

LunaJets already helped hundreds of clients stuck in airports during airline strikes. Your flight has been cancelled? Do not hesitate to contact the LunaJets team on +41 22 782 12 12 or lunajets@lunajets.com, our team is available 24/7.