Did you know? We cover your private jet de-icing costs: be LunaJets-insured

While snowfalls allow world-renowned alpine ski resorts to welcome winter sports enthusiasts, they also represent new challenges for the aviation world: the opening of the annual de-icing season.

What is de-icing and why is it so important?

De-icing consists in the process of removing ice and snow deposits from the airplane’s surface by spraying high-pressure de-icing fluid over the affected areas.

Besides the dangerous additional weight, the ice, frost and snow built-up on key surfaces would cause several unwanted disruptions: the flow of air would be altered, the lift reduced, and the movement of the wings' flaps and ailerons disturbed. Freeing the aircraft’s critical areas from all frozen contaminants and thereby giving the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers their original shape back is essential to performing a completely safe flight.

In case of very low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, anti-icing fluids are also applied, as they provide protection from the formation or refreezing of frost and ice for a longer period of time than de-icing products.

Therefore, when cold and wet weather cause unsafe conditions, having your private jet de-iced before departure is an absolute necessity: the plane cannot leave the ground unless this inevitable procedure is performed.

How do we face this challenge?

LunaJets has gained extensive experience in avoiding and solving situations linked to unexpected de-icing procedures. We know how to optimise costs and reduce delays to a barely noticeable minimum, for example, when the option is available, by helping you rent a heated hangar for the night preceding your departure.

Our team carefully checks every single detail related to your flight the day before take-off, ensuring that you are informed in advance whether your trip involves a de-icing operation or not.

However, the only way you can be 100% certain that you won’t face unexpected costs and delays is to be LunaJets-insured.

Avoid unexpected costs thanks to LunaJets’ de-icing insurance

Mostly unpredictable and often pricey, post-flight de-icing bills are bad surprises winter might have in store for private jet travellers who aren’t insured.

De-icing costs can amount to prices as high as half your flight’s rate, depending on weather conditions, snow volumes, de-icing and anti-icing fluids’ usage and the size of the private jet being treated. In other words, these costs can oscillate between 800€ and 5,000€ according to the jet’s size, and can reach even higher amounts for VIP Airliners (e.g. Boeing BBJ Range and Airbus ACJ Range).

LunaJets can cover these costs for you: simply discuss the terms of your de-icing insurance, starting at 200€ and varying according to the aircraft’s size, with your private aviation advisor.

Let us carry the risk and travel worry-free this winter.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on: +41 22 782 12 12, or send us an email: lunajets@lunajets.com.