Response of Private Jet Charter Brokers to Coronavirus

Updated – 19 March 2020

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Following the latest development in the Coronavirus outbreak, we have witnessed a considerable surge in demand for private aviation services. While we share your concerns during this health crisis, our operations are running normally, and we continue to do our best 24/7 to get you to your destination as safely as possible.

The effects of the Coronavirus are being felt across the travel industry—in particular in commercial aviation as Coronavirus triggers boom in private jet inquiries. Many clients are now looking to avoid crowded airports, commercial flights or to evacuate the affected areas. We have seen a sharp rise in demands for our business jet charter services: regular private jet charter flights, emergency private jet hire (evacuation of staff, citizens) and even aircraft cargo charter.

Can my flight be cancelled because of the coronavirus?

Many major commercial airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, EasyJet are cancelling hundreds of their commercial flights, mainly flights going in and out of Italy or China.
Private aviation is not subject to these cancelations which mainly result from business decisions from the airlines facing a slowdown in their bookings.

Is Private aviation safer?

Using private jet charter services instead of flying commercial certainly decrease your risk to contract the Coronavirus.

Flying private allows passenger to avoid crowds both in airports, as they use separated Private Jet airport terminals, and in commercial planes. Using private jets, you will have a limited number of contacts, as it will be restricted to one airport agent, the mandatory security staff and the crew.

Also, from their pickup point to drop off location, airport transfers in private cars prevent clients from being in contact other people and therefore you avoid COVID-19 potential exposure.

What are the safety measures at the airport?

Security controls at the private jet terminal are faster than in commercial terminal and there are no queues. However, most airports are implementing screening of passengers and crew members temperature to better mitigate the risk of an on-board contamination.

What are the safety measures on board the aircraft?

LunaJets only works with certified and audited private jet operators who follow the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s recommendations to protect passenger and crew on board their aircraft. Most of them put in place measures to completely sanitize the cockpit and cabin of the aircraft between each flight and have hand sanitizers and disinfectant kits available for passenger and crew at all time.

What is the Impact on flight plane operations?

It’s true that the seriousness of the situation adds numerous challenges to fly in and out of affected regions. While flight regulations have been tightened, our experience on-demand charter flights and reactivity have allowed us to help private clients, organisations and governments.

As the epidemic continues to spread, countries are adjusting their regulations and procedures regarding travelers and the countries they have visited, checking passengers travel history.

At LunaJets, we have a dedicated team following the situation and the changes in regulations minute by minute.

24/7 Aircraft Assistance

We are ready to assist you and are continuously monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus. In case of need, contact us as soon as possible as the current circumstances in the affected area result in added complexity and longer lead times. If you are a traveler and you can always learn more about the coronavirus following the World Health Organization's (WHO/OMS) official updates.

Latest updates on airspace regulations

Spanish airspace closure : From 00:00 hours on the 19th of March 2020 it is forbidden to carry out any type of commercial or private flight from any airport situated in the national territory and the airports situated in the territory of the Balearic Islands.

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