Hire a Private Jet during airline strikes - Bloomberg Interviews Lunajets

Eymeric Segard, LunaJets CEO, has been interviewed by Bloomberg TV today, December 4th. He explains how on-demand private jet flights can be a very practical alternative to cancelled or delayed commercial flights during airline strikes.

This week’s Lufthansa strike has increased our bookings by 50% so far, thanks to our capacity to find last-minute solutions for our clients who need to fly that day.

Back in September 2014, the Air France strike, which lasted several weeks, led to a rise of 65% in bookings and we offered alternative last-minute solutions to dozens of upset travellers.

Chartering an on-demand private jet in the context of a strike is a particularly effective solution for business trips. 80% of the additional bookings during strikes come from passengers travelling on business who must reach their destination to attend their meetings, no matter what.

LunaJets is also delighted to announce that 2014 has been an exceptional year for our company, during which time we have consolidated our leadership position. We just re-launched our new website, www.lunajets.com, and, with new features coming in 2015, your comments are most appreciated. We would also be delighted to welcome you to our new offices at Geneva airport.

For any further information or to make private flight requests, please do not hesitate to contact Eymeric Segard, CEO (esegard@lunajets.com).