UEFA Euro Cup

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The Euro Cup championship is organized by UEFA and gathers together the men’s football teams to compete with each other. The winner of the competition will be named the continental champion of Europe. Founded in 1960, the tournament is then played every four years. The champion as a reward will receive a trophy named after Henri Delanay, the very first General Secretary of the UEFA. The Euro Cup idea belongs to him but unfortunately he passed away 5 years prior to the first tournament. Then his son was responsible for creating the trophy.

From 2016 the competition increased the game format up to 24 teams. Those teams have to win the play-off games in order to qualify. The hosting country qualifies automatically. The qualifying period begins about 2 years before the final game of the championship. After qualifying, the UEFA committee makes 6 groups of 4 teams where they compete against each other. The system of points is used for teams to ‘go out’ of the group. Three points awarded for wining the game, one for the draw and if the game is lost, then none. The winners from the group then proceed to the quarterfinals that are followed by semi finals. And at last comes the last game where the main battle for the championship of Europe will take place. The results of the games are unpredictable. But that is what gathers millions of people around Europe to watch the games and cheer for their favorites.

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