Singapore Yacht Show

Book your private jet to Singapore for the Singapore Yacht Show with LunaJets and experience a truly luxurious event held in one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities.

The Singapore Yacht Show is Asia’s most important and iconic annual yachting event that provides a platform for the most prestigious brands in the industry to showcase their most recent and luxurious superyachts. Guests attending this exquisite 4-day event will be able to witness extraordinary feats of engineering, combining sleek, stylish exterior design with sumptuous, opulent interiors. The Singapore Yacht Show is a highly social event that consists of glamorous parties, fine-dining and high-end entertainment to provide a fantastic overall experience. During your visit you will be able to admire some of the world’s finest supercars, luxury timepieces and sought-after works of art that are also exhibited at the show. The Singapore Yacht Show is a wonderful opportunity to discover the world’s finest superyachts and luxury yachting brands in an elite social setting and LunaJets are at your service 24/7 to arrange your private flight to Singapore for this remarkable event.

For more information or to organise your private jet to the Singapore Yacht Show, please do not hesitate to contact your LunaJets adviser.

Singapore Yacht Show

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Singapore, Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Date: From Apr. 26, 2023 to Apr. 29, 2023


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