Paris Film Festival

The Paris Film Festival takes place every year at the start of May. It is a week-long opportunity to rediscover the masterpieces of the 7th art and be surprised by a well-scheduled programme. Each year, LunaJets transports many cinema fans wishing to travel to the festival by private jet.

There is an annual short film competition and the public vote to decide the winner. A grant is awarded to the winner to help promote their work. A selection of work is previewed as well as special programming for the whole family.

During your journey to Paris in your private jet, you will have the opportunity to discover in more detail the close relationship between the capital and the 7th art and to get to know several of the greatest names in cinema such as Charlotte Rampling, Benoit Poelvoorde, Roman Polanksi, Mathieu Amalric...

Book your private plane to the Paris Film Festival

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