Charter a Private Jet to Masterpiece London

Travel across over 5000 years of art history this summer, by flying private to Masterpiece London with LunaJets.

Regarded as an unmissable event by international collectors and connoisseurs, this world-renowned art fair offers the enticing opportunity to acquire the finest works of art ancient and modern times have to offer. Within the splendidly set up venue - on the South Grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea - art enthusiasts will find carefully vetted artworks from all disciplines, periods and origins. Masterpiece’s hundreds of exhibitors showcase the works of incredibly talented established and emerging artists who excel in their field of expertise. May it be unique paintings, sculptures, designs, antiques, jewellery or objets d’art: these pieces were born to be remembered.

The involvement of the world’s most distinguished art dealers and experts, along with the mastery of the brilliant field specialists of the fair’s 27 individual Vetting Committees, evidence the unquestionable standards and authenticity of the selected exhibits.

Only the most exquisite pieces are considered worthy of display at Masterpiece; allowing visitors to confidently buy new valuable objects to enhance their collections.

LunaJets accompanies art lovers to Masterpiece London every year, ensuring that the precious and fragile items travellers might be flying with are transported swiftly, safely and discretely.

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London, U.K.

Location: London, U.K.

Date: From June 27, 2023 to July 04, 2023


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