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The Dubai Airshow 2023, slated for 13 to 17 November at Dubai World Central (DWC), is more than a spectacle; it's a nexus of innovation in the aerospace domain. LunaJets, synonymous with luxury in private aviation, not only recognises the airshow as a beacon of technological advancements and networking opportunities within the industry but also provides an elegant gateway for attendees by chartering a private jet, transporting them to the event in unparalleled style. With a dynamic array of over 180 aircraft on display and 1400 world-class exhibitors, this event epitomises the zenith of aerial excellence, heralding new horizons in aviation, including the debut of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, setting the stage for a future where luxury and innovation soar in tandem.

Dubai Airshow

Historical Significance and Growth of the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow has a rich legacy as a pivotal meeting ground for aerospace professionals. Over the years, it has burgeoned into a global hub for aerospace innovation and commerce.

A Glimpse into the Past

The Dubai Airshow commenced its journey as "Arab Air" in 1986, reflecting the region's burgeoning focus on the aviation sector. Initially, it was a modest aviation exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, orchestrated by F&E.

However, the narrative of this event took a pivotal turn in 1989 when it was rebranded as the "Dubai Airshow” marking a broader engagement with the global aerospace industry. The rebranding was a significant stride, amplifying its scope and attracting 200 companies and 25 aircraft to participate in the event.

2021 Edition

The previous edition in 2021 saw a robust turnout with 104,165 attendees, generating a staggering $74 billion in orders, an emblem of the event's commercial vitality and its role as a catalyst for industry advancements​​. The airshow has been instrumental in fostering global trade in the aerospace sector, providing a platform for major orders and business ventures.

The growth trajectory of the Dubai Airshow is emblematic of the burgeoning aerospace sector, with each edition outdoing its predecessor in scale, scope, and global relevance. The anticipation surrounding the Dubai Airshow 2023 reflects the industry's optimism and the potential for groundbreaking collaborations and aerospace discoveries.

Attendance Expectations for This Year's Edition

The allure of the Dubai Airshow 2023 is magnified by the easing of global travel restrictions, heralding a congregation of over 100,000 visitors from various corners of the aerospace industry.​ This significant gathering not only underscores the airshow's global appeal but also the burgeoning interest in the aerospace sector's latest innovations and developments.

As a pivotal event on the aerospace calendar, the Dubai Airshow offers an unparalleled opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange, and business engagements among the attendees. The cross-pollination of ideas and the fostering of collaborative ventures are at the heart of what makes the Dubai Airshow a notable rendezvous for industry professionals.

Business and Networking Opportunities

Networking space and exhibitor interaction at the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow 2023 is an arena where the present meets the future, offering a plethora of opportunities for business networking, partnerships, and growth.

Business Opportunities

The Dubai Airshow 2023 is a fertile ground for business engagements and collaborations. With over 1,400 world-class exhibitors and 390 senior military and civil delegations, the event is a nexus of industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers.

The access to the Start-up Hub - VISTA, featuring over 80 start-ups, is a notable highlight. It’s a platform where emerging enterprises showcase their disruptive technologies and solutions, engendering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation. This hub facilitates meaningful interactions between start-ups, investors, and established industry players, fostering a culture of collaboration and business growth.

Moreover, the country pavilions provide a global perspective on the latest products and technologies in the aerospace sector. They serve as a conduit for international business relations, enabling cross-border partnerships and market expansions.

Networking Opportunities

The Dubai Airshow 2023 is a prime venue for fostering professional connections and engaging with the crème de la crème of the aerospace industry. Beyond the exhibitions and conferences, the event orchestrates a variety of networking events designed to catalyse meaningful interactions among attendees.

VIP lounges and dedicated networking areas provide a conducive environment for discussions, negotiations, and forging new partnerships. These spaces offer a more private setting for industry stakeholders to connect, share insights, and explore collaborative opportunities.

Moreover, networking receptions and gala dinners are part of the Dubai Airshow’s allure, providing a relaxed yet professional atmosphere for attendees to mingle, discuss business prospects, and build lasting relationships. These events, often graced by industry luminaries, offer a unique opportunity to interact with influential figures in a more informal setting.

Aircraft Line-up

Aircraft Display at the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow 2023 promises an extravagant display of aerial engineering, with over 180 of the most advanced commercial, private, and military aircraft marking their presence.

A Broad Spectrum of Aerial Assets

The elite ensemble at the Dubai Airshow encompasses a wide spectrum of aerial assets. Attendees can expect to witness everything from business jets, drones, and UAVs to commercial airlines, military jets, and helicopters. This grand display is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation that propels the aerospace industry forward.

Spotlight on eVTOL Aircraft

A significant highlight of this year's airshow is the electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, poised to redefine the future of urban mobility. These cutting-edge crafts are taking center stage at the static park, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of transportation. The line-up includes a variety of eVTOL designs, each embodying a unique vision of airborne urban travel, thereby showcasing the industry's commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

Conference Agenda of the Dubai Airshow 2023

Conference at the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow 2023 is not merely a showcase of aerospace marvels but a crucible for intellectual discourse and industry-shaping discussions. Over 300 regional and global experts will congregate across nine tracks, spanning two distinct stages, unveiling insights and deliberations that could very well dictate the industry's trajectory in the forthcoming years​1​.

Key Topics and Themes

Here's a closer examination of the key topics and themes slated for discussion:

Key TopicDescription
Aviation MobilityA conclave of decision-makers dissecting the latest trends and challenges pervading the broader aviation spectrum.
Aerospace 2050A window into the future covering sustainable aviation operations, space exploration, and evolving workforce dynamics.
Air Traffic ManagementThe 4th edition delving into the region’s comprehensive aviation infrastructure and innovative ATC technologies aimed at bolstering efficiency and safety in commercial aviation.
Advanced Aerial MobilityExploration of disruptive aerial transportation methods with a special focus on the emergence of "flying cars" and the requisite regulations and infrastructure.
Passenger ExperienceIndustry tech leaders reimagining passenger travel, discussing technology reshaping the passenger experience both on the ground and in-flight.
SpaceA two-day conference encompassing key topics like Space & Climate Change, Space & Security, Communications & Connectivity, and Space Tourism.
SustainabilityDissection of sustainable challenges and opportunities in alignment with the UAE's declaration of 2023 as the 'Year of Sustainability'.
Diversity & InclusionEmphasizing the importance of embracing new demographic realities, celebrating achievements, and sharing best practices for fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth.
NextGen LeadersTailored content and challenges aimed at nurturing the careers of the next generation of aerospace professionals.

Stellar Lineup of Speakers

A myriad of seasoned industry experts and thought leaders will grace the event, sharing their insights across various sessions. Below is a glimpse of the speaker lineup:

SpeakerTopicDate & TimeSession Title
Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, DANSAir Traffic Management13 November 2023 | 11:00Dubai Air Navigation Services
Tony Douglas, CEO, Riyadh AirSustainability13 November 2023 | 11:20Creating a low carbon aviation energy hub through global leadership
Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai AirportsSustainability14 November 2023 | 10:45Future Technology and sustainable transport hubs
Karen Ellis, Chief Customer Experience Officer, San Antonio International Airport SystemPassenger Experience14 November 2023 | 12:35Passenger flow management: From Kerb-to-Gate
H.E Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri, Chairwoman, UAE Space AgencySpace15 November 2023 | 10:35Limitless potential of the space sector
Captain Sulaiman Almuhaimedi, EVP, Aviation Safety & Environmental Sustainability, GACA - Saudi ArabiaAdvanced Aerial Mobility15 November 2023 | 10:55Creating a regulatory environment that supports the efficient and safe operation of VTOL aircraft
Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, VP Middle East, ThalesNextGen Leaders17 November 2023 | 11:40Above and Beyond: Navigating Aerospace Careers with Skill and Vision
Dr. Eng. Suaad Alshamsi, 1st UAE female aircraft engineer, Women in Aviation InternationalDiversity & Inclusion17 November 2023 | 12:30Discussion on bridging the gender balance gap

For a more detailed exploration of the key topics and speakers at the Dubai Airshow conferences, consider visiting the Dubai Air Show 2023 official website.

Charter Your Private Jet to the Dubai Airshow 2023 with LunaJets

Bombardier Global 7500 Private Jet at the Dubai Airshow
Bombardier Global 7500 at the Dubai Airshow 2021

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Take a look at our office in Dubai

Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai
Lunajets' office in Dubai

Opening Times of the Airshow

The Dubai Airshow 2023 welcomes attendees over a span of five days, each day with its own schedule of events and activities. Below are the opening times for each day of the event:

  • Monday, 13th November 2023: 10:00 - 17:30

  • Tuesday, 14th November 2023: 10:00 - 17:30

  • Wednesday, 15th November 2023: 10:00 - 17:30

  • Thursday, 16th November 2023: 10:00 - 17:30

  • Friday, 17th November 2023: 10:00 - 17:30

These timings provide ample opportunity for attendees to explore the exhibitions, attend conferences, and engage in networking events, making the most out of their Dubai Airshow 2023 experience.


The Dubai Airshow 2023 is orchestrated by Tarsus Aerospace, a division of the globally recognised Tarsus Group known for its expertise in organising business-to-business events and media platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ticket pricing details for the Dubai Airshow 2023?

The ticket prices for the Dubai Airshow 2023 vary based on the level of access you prefer. There are options ranging from general admission to exclusive VIP packages to cater to different budgets. For precise ticket pricing and purchasing, it's recommended to visit the official Dubai Airshow website. Alternatively, you can reach out to us, and we'll assist you with the ticket booking.

Is the Dubai Airshow 2023 accessible to the general public?

Absolutely, the Dubai Airshow 2023 is open to both aviation enthusiasts and the general public. There are diverse ticket options available to accommodate various preferences.

Is on-site ticket purchasing available at the venue?

Although there might be some tickets available at the venue, it is highly recommended to secure your tickets online in advance. This will not only guarantee your access but also save you from potential long queues at the venue.

Is the venue equipped with Wi-Fi?

The availability of Wi-Fi at the venue is quite limited. It's advisable not to depend on accessing the free Wi-Fi onsite.

Can I bring a camera to the show?

Yes, you can bring your camera to the show.

How can I secure a visa for the UAE?

For visa arrangements, it's advisable to contact us at LunaJets, and we'd be happy to assist you with the necessary arrangements for your flight to the United Arab Emirates. Further information can also be found on the Government of Dubai website.

How can I charter a private jet with LunaJets to attend the Dubai Airshow 2023?

Chartering a private jet with LunaJets is a streamlined process. You can contact us via our website or call our dedicated team who will assist you in selecting the perfect jet to match your needs. With LunaJets, you can travel to the Dubai Airshow 2023 in luxury, comfort, and at your convenience.

What services does LunaJets provide for attendees travelling to the Dubai Airshow 2023?

LunaJets offers a bespoke travel experience for attendees of the Dubai Airshow 2023. We provide tailored flight solutions, ensuring a seamless journey to the event. Additionally, our office in Dubai, located near Dubai World Central (DWC), can help organise your stay, schedule, and provide VIP concierge services, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience from takeoff to touchdown and beyond.