Brussels Jazz Marathon

Each year, the Brussels Jazz Marathon brings music lovers together from all over the world, showcasing new talent in the jazz scene as well as well-known artists. LunaJets is the partner of choice for many of its clients who wish to travel by private jet to the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

The Brussels Jazz Marathon comprises more than 200 free concerts in the magnificent Brussels ciy centre, including more than 700 artists. Indeed, the concerts take place the most prestigious squares in the capital: the Grand-Place, the Sablon, the Place Sainte-Catherine...

This is an opportunity for Jazz fans to indulge in a unique atmosphere in the Belgian capital for all 3 days of their stay.

Hire your private jet to the Brussels Jazz Marathon

LunaJets is the partner for your private jet charter to the Brussels Jazz Marathon. We will always find the best solution to suit your needs. Our expert team is at your service!

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Brussels, Belgium

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: From May 26, 2023 to May 27, 2023


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