Art Basel, Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong is one of the world’s most prestigious art shows, which brings together East and West for a cross-cultural exchange like no other. Book your private jet to Art Basel Hong Kong with LunaJets and enjoy our unbeatable rates and unparalleled service.

Whether you are an artist, collector, dealer or just an art-lover, don’t miss out on Art Basel Hong Kong; a fantastic event that is widely regarded as the most significant showcase of art from Asia and the Asia Pacific region. 50 percent of the participating galleries are from this area and the other half come from all over the world, with 6 continents represented in total, creating a wonderful and quite unique fusion of cultures. Both established and emerging artists exhibit their pieces at the event, ranging from Modern and Contemporary Art to large-scale sculpture and installation works or film and photography. To challenge and deepen your knowledge of the art world, there are numerous talks from internationally recognised art historians and experts and, simultaneously to the official shows of Art Basel Hong Kong, there are countless other events that are held in museums and galleries across the city. Art Basel Hong Kong is certainly worth a visit and where better than this vibrant metropolis, the gateway between East and West, to host this remarkable event?

LunaJets team are at your service 24/7 to organise your private flight to Art Basel Hong Kong, although we would recommend that you make your travel arrangements with plenty of time to spare to be sure of securing airport slots. As well as chartering your private jet to Hong Kong for the event, our team would also be delighted to arrange your transfer from the airport.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Date: From Mar. 22, 2023 to Mar. 24, 2023


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