Festival Alkantara, Lisbon

The Alkantara festival is a popular event among some of our clients. We are accustomed to and take pleasure in transporting them to Lisbon by private jet each year for the occasion.

Lisbon's Alkantara festival is one of the best-known arts exhibitions in Portugal. Since 2006, countless young talent has emerged through this international festival.

The aim of the Alkantara festival is to bring the contemporary art scene to the general public. The event is intended as a platform for exchange and dialogue. The festival is held in the historic area of Santos, which has become the hub for Alkantara festival activities.

Book your private plane to the Alkantara festival

It is our pleasure to arrange your flight for the Alkantara festival. Our team of advisers is at your disposal for your private jet charter to Lisbon and will help you find a solution adapted to your needs so you can travel to Lisbon on a private plane at flexible prices.