LunaJets Office: Private jet broker company in Budapest, Hungary

Based in Budapest, our experienced local agent Laszlo Pal has been helping LunaJets’ clients visiting, or just passing through, Budapest and surroundings, with flight reservations and VIP travel services since 2009.

LunaJets Hungary

Mr. Laszlo Pal

  • Bakonyi utca 36.
  • 8441 - Hungary
  • Márkó

Whatever your question, whatever your need, the team in Budapest is ready to assist

Get in touch with Laszlo to book private flights to and from Budapest, at the best price. We organise bespoke airport transfers and travel arrangements that make your stay or transit smooth and enjoyable. You can charter ideal private jets and helicopters with LunaJets’ help. Should you need assistance, before, during or after your stay, our agent can answer your needs and source the aircraft you are looking for. Laszlo handles your requests personally, and can easily be reached via phone or e-mail.