Hire a Private Jet to Scottsdale Airport (Phoenix) (SDL)

Nestled 9 miles (14km) north of downtown Scottsdale, in the heart of Maricopa County, Arizona, and just 21 miles (34km) northwest of downtown Phoenix, Scottsdale Airport stands as a municipal haven for private aviation. Renowned for its no commercial commuter or airline service, the airport caters exclusively to the elite, offering unparalleled access to the Valley's corporate aircraft. Scottsdale, a city celebrated for its opulent resorts, top-tier golf courses, and a vibrant arts scene, epitomises luxury and leisure, making it the ultimate destination for discerning private jet travellers.

Welcome to Scottsdale Airport: A Hub of Private Jet Prestige

As a cornerstone of luxury travel, Scottsdale Airport serves as the gateway to a world of exclusive experiences. Here, we offer a snapshot of what makes this airport a preferred choice for the affluent traveller:

General Facts about Scottsdale Airport

Before delving into the specifics, here's an essential overview of Scottsdale Airport:

GPS Location33.6229° N, 111.9105° W
Elevation1,510 feet (460 metres)
Number of Runways1
Number of FBOs3
Total AreaMore than 300 acre

Tailored for Luxury: Private Aviation at Scottsdale Airport

Premier Destination for Elite Travelers

Planes are lined up on the tarmac at Scottsdale Airport, showcasing a mix of private and corporate aircraft, with the airport's control tower rising in the backdrop against the picturesque McDowell Mountains.

Scottsdale Airport is not just a facility; it's a gateway to opulence, strategically located amidst an array of world-class resorts, dining establishments, and championship golf courses. Serving as an ideal hub for both vacationers and business travellers, it witnessed approximately 169,323 takeoffs and landings in 2022 alone. Its single runway, extending 8,249 feet in length and 100 feet in width, ranks among the busiest in the United States, accommodating aircraft up to 100,000 lbs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities & Global Access

Scottsdale Aviation Business Center

The inauguration of the Scottsdale Aviation Business Center, part of a $27 million redevelopment project, marks a significant upgrade in private aviation services. This modern facility, which replaced an outdated terminal, offers a new era of executive facilities and hangars. With amenities that meet the sophisticated needs of private jet travellers, alongside a poignant veterans memorial, the centre enhances the cultural and community spirit of Scottsdale Airport.

Additionally, the airport facilitates global access with U.S. Customs "US-VISIT" services available for international visitors, making global travel seamless and efficient.

Why book your private flight from/to Scottsdale Airport with LunaJets?

Unmatched Luxury and Service

LunaJets stands out in the private jet industry, especially when flying to and from Scottsdale Airport. Our vast fleet, coupled with an innovative jet comparator tool, ensures that each client finds the perfect aircraft to match their unique needs. LunaJets' commitment to excellence extends beyond just the flight; we offer 24/7 access to private jet aviation experts and work closely with the airport to ensure all your needs are catered to seamlessly.

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With LunaJets, every detail of your journey is meticulously planned and executed. From the moment you book with our user-friendly application to the instant you step off the plane, expect nothing less than impeccable customer service, complete flexibility, and attention to detail. Our team is dedicated to organising every aspect of your travel, including seamless onward transfers by car or helicopter, ensuring a flawless travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Scottsdale Airport a preferred choice for private jet travel?

Scottsdale Airport offers unparalleled luxury, privacy, and convenience, making it a top choice for elite travellers.

How can LunaJets enhance my private flying experience to Scottsdale?

LunaJets offers personalised services, access to a wide range of jets, and comprehensive travel solutions. Through meticulous planning, 24/7 expert assistance, and close cooperation with Scottsdale Airport, LunaJets guarantees a hassle-free journey.

What facilities can I expect at Scottsdale Airport for private aviation?

Expect modern executive facilities, dedicated hangars, and high-quality service tailored to the needs of private jet travellers.

Can LunaJets arrange for ground transportation or helicopter transfers from Scottsdale Airport?

Absolutely, LunaJets is delighted to organise all aspects of your transfer, ensuring a seamless connection from air to ground.

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Conclusion: The Ultimate in Private Jet Travel with LunaJets

Choosing LunaJets for your travel to Scottsdale Airport means opting for unmatched luxury, exceptional service, and a seamless travel experience. From our extensive fleet to our dedicated team of aviation experts, every aspect of your journey is crafted to meet the highest standards of private aviation. Welcome to the pinnacle of luxury travel with LunaJets.