Hire a Private Jet to Paris-Vatry Airport (XCR)

  Nestled in the heart of the Champagne-Ardenne Region in Chalons, France, Paris-Vatry Airport stands as an exclusive gateway 150 km east of Paris, tailored for the most discerning private jet travellers. This airport, encapsulated by the serene landscapes of the French countryside, is not just a point of departure but a comprehensive hub focused on elite private aviation, along with passenger transport, cargo shipping, and flight training. Opt for LunaJets for a seamless, luxurious private flight to or from this prime location. Additionally, for those requiring freight transportation, LunaLogistik offers top-tier solutions from Paris-Vatry Airport, ensuring your cargo is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.  

Paris-Vatry Airport: A Hub of Luxury and Convenience

Before diving into the details, let's acquaint ourselves with some essential facts about Paris-Vatry Airport:

GPS Location48.7761° N, 4.1845° E
Elevation587 ft / 179 m
Number of Runways1
Runway Length12,664 ft / 3,860 m
Number of Fixed Based Operator (FBO)1
CustomsAvailable upon request
Slot RequirementNot required for private jets

This table encapsulates the key features that underscore Paris-Vatry as an optimal location for private jet users seeking convenience and luxury.

Bespoke Private Aviation at Paris-Vatry

Paris-Vatry Airport stands out as a pinnacle of private jet travel, offering seamless access and exclusive services tailored to the needs of the elite traveller.

Access and Convenience

Paris-Vatry airport terminal and control tower.

Paris-Vatry Airport is a beacon of accessibility and efficiency, ideally positioned near major cities of the Champagne-Ardenne region and directly connected to the A26 and A4 motorways. The airport facilitates a swift and secure transition from the private jet terminal to your awaiting aircraft, epitomising the convenience and discretion required by private jet patrons.

Premier Facilities and Services

Paris-Vatry airport seen from the sky, in the middle of fields.
The airport is located in the middle of fields

The airport is equipped with a substantial 12,664ft runway, accommodating all sizes of private jets, from nimble light jets to opulent VIP airliners. Known for its stringent standards of comfort and privacy, Paris-Vatry ensures your private aviation experience is second to none, with services including on-demand customs and a dedicated Fixed Based Operator and handling agent.

Why book your private flight from/to Paris-Vatry Airport with LunaJets?

When it comes to elite travel, LunaJets transcends expectations by providing an unrivalled private jet experience at Paris-Vatry Airport.

Extensive Fleet and Tailored Solutions

LunaJets offers an extensive array of private aircraft, enabling customers to utilise our intuitive jet comparison tool and mobile app for finding the perfect jet match. Our comprehensive fleet ensures that every travel need and preference is exquisitely catered to.

Exceptional Customer Service and Flexibility

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 24/7 available private aviation experts, dedicated to providing personalised service and meticulous attention to detail. LunaJets excels in flexibility, accommodating last-minute changes and intricate travel details, ensuring your journey is as seamless as it is luxurious.

Comprehensive Travel Coordination

Understanding the nuances of luxury travel, LunaJets goes beyond merely chartering your private jet. We take pride in arranging your complete travel itinerary, including seamless onward transfers by car or helicopter, in collaboration with Paris-Vatry Airport to meet your every need with precision and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What private jet services are available at Paris-Vatry Airport?

Paris-Vatry Airport offers a wide range of private jet services, including bespoke flight arrangements, ground handling, and luxury lounge access.

How can I book a private flight with LunaJets to Paris-Vatry?

Booking with LunaJets is straightforward: contact our team of private aviation experts, use our online booking platform, or the LunaJets mobile app to tailor your perfect journey.

What types of private jets can land at Paris-Vatry?

The airport accommodates all jet sizes, from small light jets to large VIP airliners, thanks to its extensive runway.

Are there custom clearance services available for private flights at Paris-Vatry?

Yes, customs services can be arranged upon request for private jet passengers, ensuring a smooth and expedient entry.

Can LunaJets arrange for my transfer from Paris-Vatry to my final destination?

Absolutely, LunaJets offers comprehensive transfer solutions, including luxury car and helicopter services, tailored to your personal requirements.

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Conclusion: The Pinnacle of Private Travel Awaits

Paris-Vatry Airport, combined with LunaJets' exemplary service, offers an unparalleled start to your luxury journey. Embrace the pinnacle of private aviation and let us handle the intricacies of your travel, ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Photo Credit: © Antoine FLEURY-GOBERT / CC BY-SA 3.0