McCarran International Airport and Private Aviation

Fly privately, and the world transforms before your very eyes. Among the airports that serve as pinnacles of private aviation, McCarran International Airport deserves a spotlight. Situated in the bustling city of Las Vegas, it has grown into an epitome of luxury and convenience for private jet travellers.

Private Jet Routes from/to McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)

Before we ascend to the skies, it's imperative to understand what makes McCarran International a distinctive hub for private jet charter and private aviation services. From its advanced terminals to a broad spectrum of luxury services, this airport has it all to elevate your journey to sublime heights.

AirportAircraftFlight DurationPricing in Euros
Charles de GaulleBombardier Global 600011h70,000
London HeathrowGulfstream G650ER10h68,000
Zurich AirportCessna Citation X12h72,000

McCarran International Airport at a Glance

  • GPS Location: 36.08N, 115.17W

  • IATA Code: LAS

  • ICAO Code: KLAS

  • Elevation: 2181ft / 665m

  • Number of Runways: 4

  • Number of Terminals: 2

Elevate Your Experience: Private Aviation at McCarran

Private jet hire at McCarran is more than a point-to-point service; it's an orchestration of tailor-made experiences. The airport offers a range of private terminals, equipped with state-of-the-art lounges and exclusive VIP services. The tarmac often showcases an array of executive jets, ready to charter at a moment's notice.

Why LunaJets Reigns Supreme at McCarran International

Choosing a private aviation service can be overwhelming, but not when LunaJets is in the equation. Our impeccable customer service, versatile range of private jet models, and transparent real-time availability and pricing, set us a cut above the rest. When it comes to McCarran International Airport, there is no better conduit for your private jet charter needs.

Conclusion: Your Next Private Flight from McCarran Awaits

The beauty of private aviation lies in the details, and nowhere is this more evident than at McCarran International Airport. With LunaJets at your service, those details are more than just accounted for—they're accentuated. Don't just fly—soar luxuriously. Your next journey through the skies starts with LunaJets and McCarran International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there private lounges?

Absolutely, and they offer unparalleled privacy and luxury amenities.

What are the opening times for McCarran's private terminals?

The private terminals at McCarran International Airport operate 24/7, ensuring the utmost convenience for private aviation travellers.

How can I access McCarran International Airport?

McCarran is easily accessible by car, and it's located just 2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. You can also use the dedicated airport shuttles for a more personalised experience.

Is there a dedicated parking space for private jet passengers?

Yes, there are exclusive parking facilities near the private terminals, providing ease of access and added security for your vehicle.

Is customs and immigration quicker through private terminals?

The private terminals at McCarran offer expedited customs and immigration services, streamlining your entry or exit from the country.

What in-flight catering options are available?

McCarran International Airport provides a variety of in-flight catering options, including custom made meals to suit dietary needs and preferences.

Do the private terminals offer conference rooms?

Yes, you will find well-equipped conference rooms in the VIP terminals, ideal for conducting business before your flight.

How early should I arrive before my private flight departure?

For domestic flights, arriving 30 minutes before departure is usually sufficient. For international flights, it’s advisable to arrive at least one hour in advance.