Information about Dübendorf Air Base (LSMD)

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Dübendorf Military Airport, situated northeast of Dübendorf in Switzerland and east of Zürich, is a cornerstone of Swiss aviation. Though primarily a military airfield, it serves multiple functions, from search and rescue operations to parascout training. This article delves into the diverse roles and future prospects of this critical air base.

Key Facts About Dübendorf Air Base

GPS Location47°23′55″N 8°38′53″E
IATA CodeNo code
Elevation1,466 ft / 447 m

Operational Units and Aircraft

When considering a private flight between Dübendorf and Frankfurt Hahn Airport, the choice of aircraft plays a crucial role in defining your travel experience. Different aircraft offer varying benefits based on factors such as distance, passenger capacity, and onboard amenities. Below, we provide a selection of aircraft well-suited for this specific route.

Daily Operations

Why it's a Good Option: The Challenger 350 offers a balanced mix of comfort and performance. With a range of 3,200 nautical miles, it can easily cover the distance between Dübendorf and Frankfurt Hahn. The spacious cabin is ideal for both relaxation and work, featuring advanced entertainment systems and plenty of storage.

Training and Specialised Services

The air base serves as a training ground for parascouts, using Pilatus PC-6 aircraft. It is also a training site for the PC-7 TEAM. A unique workshop on the premises specialises in the repair, maintenance, and development of equipment for professional groups like military pilots and parascouts.

Additional Units and Partners

Several other organisations are stationed at Dübendorf, including the Military Police, the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation, and the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation. External partners like skyguide, RUAG, and the Zurich police force also operate from the base.

Command and Control

The Swiss Air Force’s operations centre is located in the adjacent skyguide building, serving as the nerve centre for all real-life and training exercises. It acts as the control centre for both aircraft and helicopters.

Other Users and Functions

The air base hosts a variety of other users and functions, such as the Flieger-Flab-Museum, Skyguide National, and the Police Helicopter Unit. It also served as the construction and testing site for the Solar Impulse 1.

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Future Prospects

Current plans indicate that probably, only the Swiss Air Force will use helicopters at Dübendorf. The government has approved mixed civil/military use, and the joint use of aircraft maintenance companies is expected to ensure the continued operation of fixed-wing aircraft at the base. Furthermore, Dübendorf Air Base has been proposed as a future relief airport for Zurich Airport and is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status due to its historical significance.

Conclusion Dübendorf Air Base is more than just a military airfield; it is a museum, a restaurant and other events from time to time.