Hire a Private Jet to Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

Berlin Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport, previously the primary international portal for Berlin, Germany's capital, was named in honor of the aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. It was the fourth most frequented airport in Germany, hosting over 24 million passengers in 2019.

Commercial flights at Berlin Tegel Airport were terminated in November 2020, and it formally stopped operating as an airfield on May 4, 2021. This cessation marked the conclusion of operations for the once bustling hub, affectionately known as “TXL.” Concurrently, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) began its service in October 2020, taking over as the new main airport for Berlin, including services for private aviation.

General Facts about Berlin Tegel Airport

Here is an overview of the specifications for Berlin Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport, which served as a major transport hub before its closure:

GPS Location52°33′35″N 013°17′16″E
Elevation122 ft / 37 m
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals5

Private Aviation at Berlin Tegel Airport

Private jet, Gulfstream IV, on the runway at Berlin Tegel Airport.

Located just 11 km from the centre of Berlin, a brief 20-minute drive, Berlin Tegel Airport boasted a dedicated terminal for general aviation, specifically tailored for private jets. The airport was equipped to accommodate jets of all sizes and categories. In addition to providing extensive VIP services, Tegel offered personalised check-in, bespoke lounge facilities, and expedited security processes, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for private jet passengers.

What Is the Preferred Airport for Private Aviation in Berlin?

The preferred airport for private aviation in Berlin is Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER). This airport has become the central hub for both commercial and private flights serving the city, replacing the older airports Berlin Schönefeld, Tegel, and Tempelhof.

Located approximately 18 kilometres southeast of Berlin's city centre, BER is equipped with a General Aviation Terminal that offers dedicated Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services for private jet passengers and crew. The airport caters to all types of private aircraft, from small prop planes to large airliners, ensuring a smooth and luxurious travel experience for private aviation users.

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In conclusion, the transition from Berlin Tegel Airport to Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport marks a significant chapter in Berlin's aviation history, reflecting both progress and nostalgia. While Tegel has closed its doors, the spirit of innovation and service continues at BER, offering private jet travelers top-notch facilities and services. LunaJets emerges as a preferred partner in this new era, offering tailored solutions, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive travel coordination, ensuring a seamless and luxurious experience for those flying private to and from Berlin. Whether for business or pleasure, the evolution of Berlin's airports combined with LunaJets' expertise promises a smooth, comfortable, and efficient journey tailored to the needs of the modern traveler.