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Swiss Open Gstaad

Exciting Summer Events in Gstaad

Gstaad's summer transforms the Swiss Alps into a luxury hub, featuring thrilling sports events, enriching cultural festivals, and breathtaking nature

Cyprus flag and big amount of golden bitcoin coins and trading platform chart

Cryptocurrency in Cyprus: Paving the Way for the Future of Luxury Travel

Experience the fusion of luxury travel and cryptocurrencies with LunaJets. Book private jets using crypto in Cyprus, enjoying privacy, convenience, and 24/7 accessibility.


Jet into the Future: Crypto & Luxury Private Jet Charters in Dubai

Explore the synergy between cryptocurrency and private aviation in Dubai, as LunaJets leads the charge in offering seamless, secure, and luxurious private jet charters.

3 Green Jets

Top 3 Green Jets for Eco-Conscious Private Aviation

Explore the top 3 green private jets, including the Falcon 900LX, Pilatus PC-12 NGX, and Gulfstream G700, revolutionising eco-friendly aviation.

bombardier global 7500

Bombardier Global 7500, Pros and Cons

Bombardier’s Global 7500 jet is at the pinnacle of private jet design, especially for those who take longer journeys

A business airport

Which 5 business airports have been the busiest in Europe in 2022?

Here are the Top 5 private jet airports in Europe. These airports are very popular among luxury travelers for their top-of-the-range facilities and are ideal for private jet charter.

the nature around glenlivet distillery

The ultimate guide to the Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland

Whether it is for a weekend getaway or for a longer trip exploring the trail along the beautiful country of Scotland, you will be able to enjoy this trip in a luxurious way in every way.

Far-flung destinations and landing on sand, snow, grass and gravel for the commodities trading industry

Private jet solution for the Commodities & Trading industry: Agile aircraft in far-flung, hard-to-reach destinations

Far-flung destinations and landing on sand, snow, grass and gravel: LunaJets’ extensive fleet makes us a preferred partner for the commodities trading industry


The benefits of hiring a private jet for large multinationals

Post-pandemic, multinational corporations are returning to pre-pandemic levels of business travel, but turning to private jet travel for speed and efficiency

Best ski resort

World-class ski resorts in Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Austria

Thrilling on the slopes or chilling in the spa? Get your skates on and head to our hand-picked selection of winter resorts that offer something for everyone

Nice's blue coastline

The Best Summer Destinations in Europe for a Luxury Private Jet Escape

The best summer holiday destinations, approved by jet-setters.

Evening view of Montecarlo, Monaco, Cote d'Azur, Europe

Original things to see and do on the Cote D’Azur

If you’re flying into the French Riviera by private jet, check out our ideas for unique and memorable experiences to suit all tastes !

Busy airport

Summer impacted by travel disruptions

As the private jet industry faces huge post-covid disruption, LunaJets advises you.