Fly your pets in your private jet

Many families face the problem of what to do with their beloved pets when they go on holiday. Charter your aircraft with LunaJets and fly private with your pet at the best price.

Why not commercial?

Transporting pets on commercial aircraft frequently requires them to be stored in a cage with the cargo. Being treated like luggage is a traumatic experience for any animal to go through, as the cramped conditions and often extreme temperature changes are not only cruel, but can also be dangerous. Tragically, every year there are numerous cases of pets being lost, injured and even killed during commercial flights.

Don’t take the risk and ensure your pet has a comfortable, relaxing and, most importantly, safe environment by chartering an aircraft with LunaJets.

What about pet day cares?

Putting your pet into a day care, known as boarding, may seem a good alternative to bringing him or her with you, but in actual fact, being alone in an unfamiliar place is distressing for any animal.

You can never be sure when paying the huge fees charged for boarding that your pet is receiving the care it deserves and the last thing you want during your holiday is to have to worry about its safety and well-being, so take them with you on your private jet.

Why fly your pet private?

Flying private with your pet allows them to be with you at all times. They are not exposed to the stress and danger of being locked up with the luggage, nor do they suffer alone in a strange place while you are away. This is the only way to be sure that your beloved pet is comfortable, happy and safe.

Some owners and operators object to having animals on board their aircraft, but LunaJets’ team has experience flying many pets on both long and short-haul flights all over the world so is at hand to find an aircraft that perfectly suits your needs.

Tips for flying private with your pet:

Schedule an appointment with the vet to ensure that your pet is up to date with all the vaccinations necessary for travel. Be sure to let the vet know about your upcoming travel plans.

Make sure that your pet has up-to-date ID tags and that these are secure on their collar. In the unlikely event that your pet runs off while you’re on holiday, it is essential that he or she can be returned to you.

Don’t forget to bring some friendly reminders of home with you, such as your pet’s favourite toys. Even in the comfort of a private aircraft, travelling can be overwhelming for an animal so make the journey as easy and stress-free as possible

- Remember not too feed your pet too much before the flight as this can cause motion sickness and we wouldn’t want anything to ruin the journey for you or your pet.

We would be delighted to help you and your pets fly private, so for flight requests or for more information please do not hesitate to contact LunaJets’ team on +41 22 782 12 12 or email us at

Photo credit - Dassault - GEGM