Flying with Pets

Charter a private jet and fly with your pet

Our private jet charter services are pet friendly!

LunaJets can help you travel with your beloved pet from airport to airport. Your dog, cat, ferret and other domestic animals are welcome on board of our private jet charter flights.

Your furry friend will enjoy a comfortable journey in a bespoke private plane and will be treated to our VIP travel services at the airport, too.

We will assist you in checking pet travel regulations and documentation, so that you can fly together, relaxed and worry-free.

Flying private with LunaJets saves your pet from the traumatic experience of travelling in a cage surrounded by luggage. The cold and loud hold can be terrifying and affect your animal’s health and well-being.

Our aviation advisory team is available 24/7 to source a private flight for you and your pet, at the best price on the global market. Call us to arrange a personalized trip or to find out more about flying with your pet.

Animals are safe with us, as flying together in the aircraft cabin allows for a stress-free journey for both, pet and owner.

Read more about how to prepare your pet for air travel by clicking HERE, or simply give us a call.