Gulfstream GV

When Gulfstream launched the GV in 1997 it was the longest-range business jet ever made and the first aircraft to truly belong to the category of Long Range Jets. Intelligent aerodynamic design and powerful, fuel efficient engines provide the GV with its exceptional range and maximum cruise speed and enable it to complete uninterrupted flights from London to Los Angeles and Paris to Hong Kong. The GV is also known for its reliability and Gulfstream’s most recent flagship aircraft, the G550 and G650, the pinnacle of ultra-high performance business jets, are modelled on its design. The GV’s cabin is quiet, spacious and comfortable and usually caters for 14 passengers, although it can accommodate up to 19 in certain configurations. Combining revolutionary range with excellent reliability and ultimate comfort, the GV remains a first-rate Long Range Jet.

Gulfstream Gulfstream V

Cabin Specifications




Lunghezza: 15.27 metri

Altezza: 1.88 metri

Larghezza: 2.24 metri



Range Map