Votre Jet Privé Pour Ibiza avec LunaJets

When the summer comes, Ibiza becomes one of the busiest private jet destinations for the pleasure of many LunaJets’ clients. Whether you are familiar with traveling to the destination or if it new to you, LunaJets will always find you the best private flight deal and our dedicated local team in Ibiza will help you before, during and after your stay on the ‘White Isle’.

LunaJets’ service

When you travel in a private jet you skip the hassle of airline travel such as parking, layovers, security lines, lengthy check in, and lost luggage. You enjoy VIP comfort, privacy and the whole journey is set at your own pace and schedule.

However, at LunaJets we believe those advantages are a given when flying in a private jet, and we would not be different, as a broker, if we were not bringing an additional value to our clients.

This is why we open, for the third consecutive year, our summer office in Ibiza to provide you with a local and personalised service. Whether you need a local limousine transfer to be organised, a last minute request or any specific needs, our local team will handle it for you and will ensure that your journey with us is smooth and relaxing. As a privilege for your loyalty, when you fly with us to Ibiza, a car will bring you to your final destination on the island, for free.

How much does it cost?

LunaWeekend Prices

Our LunaWeekend service will offer short and medium haul weekend flights departing on a Friday evening, returning on the Sunday evening.

Find below our typical prices for light and very light jets:

Typical short haul LunaWeekend flights prices* in a very light jet (up to 4 seater):

Typical medium haul LunaWeekend flights prices* in a light jet (up to 8 seater):

* Those prices are subject to parking fees in Ibiza. We strongly recommend booking your flights as early as possible to avoid extra costs.

For a longer stay We invite you to contact our team of Private Aviation Advisors to have a precise cost estimate: +41 22 782 12 12 or contact us at lunajets@lunajets.com.

Empty Leg Prices The increased traffic to Ibiza in the summer allows us to make you benefit from more empty legs deals. If you are looking for one-way trips and have some flexibility regarding your departure time, you can save up to 60% on your flight.

Click on the link below to access the list of current empty legs going to Ibiza:

Link for Ibiza Empty Legs

Ibiza Airport info

Ibiza airport is quick and practical to use for private jets. With a terminal dedicated to private jet aviation, the airport transit process could not be easier. No waiting times to pass through customs or check-in means that you can arrive at the airport as little as ten minutes before departure. The airport is also open 24hrs per day, and has full facilities to accommodate large jets, meaning intercontinental and transatlantic flights to the island are easily provided.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please call one of our Private Aviation Advisors on +41 22 782 12 12 or contact us at lunajets@lunajets.com .