LunaJets Saint-Tropez, France

With LunaJets you can charter the ideal private jet for your flights to the French Riviera, at the best price. Our support is available on-site and offers personalised assistance to our clients before, during and after their flights to and from Saint-Tropez. Our local team helps you charter helicopters, rent cars and yachts or hire excellent personnel. Should you need a babysitter, a private chef or a security guard, LunaJets uses its local network to provide you with the best possible options. Our local team gladly puts its knowledge and experience at your service to make sure that your preferred hotel room, or a table at your favourite restaurant, are booked for you. Count on us for your hotel reservations and airport transfers, too. Simply call our local team at +33 1 76 43 15 48, or send an e-mail to

For further information, please do not hesitate to call or message our global team +41 22 782 12 12;, available 24/7.

We offer local, personalised assistance also in Monaco, Ibiza, Olbia, and Mykonos to support our private jet travellers visiting the splendid beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and ensure your holidays are relaxing and memorable.