20 May 2008 | 2008

The solution for empty leg flights

A new and unprecedented web-based concept launched today at Ebace 2008 in Geneva.  LunaJets is the first website entirely targeted at passengers to purchase available empty legs at substantially reduced prices.  Its purpose is to bring to the business aviation industry new passengers who currently fly business class on commercial airlines. Based outside Geneva airport, the company is co-founded by Eymeric Segard, also CEO.  He says “On the one hand we want to offer new passengers the opportunity to upgrade to travelling on private jets, by using the excess capacity created by empty legs or repositioning.  On the other hand we want to help jet operators maximize their empty legs and therefore improve their bottom line profit.”  A valuable benefit during the ongoing bleak economical situation, especially as LunaJets is absolutely free for operators to use!

LunaJets posts empty legs and passengers can browse through the list.  Interestingly and after careful research, LunaJets has developed a pricing structure that is fixed, and for the first time in the industry, open for all to see.  “We calculated prices that are low enough for passengers to pay that extra premium to fly private but high enough to make it interesting for the jet operators” he adds “The prices are calculated on the flight time independent of cabin size, and allows passengers to compare our prices with commercial fares and discover the amazing value offered”.   To make the offer as accessible as possible, LunaJets also offers passengers the option to purchase individual seats on a plane, and share with others, if the flight is shorter than 2h30minutes.  For longer flights the whole cabin must be purchased.

Examples of prices include, per seat: London-Paris €890, London-Geneva €990, or for the whole cabin: London-Moscow €12,500, Geneva-New York €30,000.

LunaJets brings to its registered members additional advantages such as customized on-demand flight quotes, email alerts on favourite routes, a personalized card and soon a jet sharing forum. 

LunaJets will be introduced this week to all jet operators present at Ebace, and then launched throughout Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the USA.