15 October 2008 | 2008

Private Jets: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Launched in May, Geneva-based LunaJets helps travellers to purchase empty leg flights at substantially reduced prices. Empty legs are private jets returning home empty, and LunaJets offers them at prices as low as 50 to 80% off full private jet fare.

Its purpose is to offer passengers who currently fly business class, first class or the ex-Concorde passengers an affordable option to “upgrade” to the many advantages of business aviation travelling.

On lunajets.com you find a list of empty legs within Europe but also transatlantic, to and from Russia and the Middle East. Once you find the one that suits you, logon and buy your flight with your credit card.

LunaJets will call you to confirm your flight and organise your departure schedule. Registration is free, includes a personalized card, email alert on your favourite routes as soon as an empty leg is posted, but also offers an on-demand customized flight quotation service, and very soon a Jet Share forum where you can find other members willing to share a flight with you.

“It is the first time jet operators” explains LunaJets CEO Eymeric Segard, “have the option, for free, to offer and sell their empty leg flights directly and transparently to passengers, who in turn benefit from greatly discounted fares”.

LunaJets has developed a pricing structure that is fixed, and for the first time in the industry, open for all to see. “We calculated prices that are low enough for passengers to pay that extra premium to fly private but high enough to make it interesting for the jet operators.” He adds “The prices are calculated on the flight time independent of cabin size, and allows passengers to compare our prices with commercial fares and discover the amazing value offered”.

Passengers can buy individual seats on flights shorter than 2h30min such as London to Paris or London to Geneva, or the whole cabin (8-14 passengers) for longer flights such as Dubai to Moscow or Dubai to London LunaJets works with jet operators who have all their licence and insurance certificates up-to-date and only use aircraft that are younger than 15 years.

With such a simple concept and such an user-friendly website, LunaJets is making flying on private jets accessible to many more, and bringing to the industry new valuable investors. By offering benefits to both travellers and jet operators LunaJets' model offers a win-win proposition that could therefore prove to be more sustainable than creating a brand-new airline, particularly during difficult economic times.