3 November 2008 | 2008

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Our goal is to use current free capacity of jet operators’ empty legs to make flying on a private jet affordable to more passengers. With LunaJets you pay a fraction of business jet real cost, and sometimes less than a business or 1st class fare! How can we get you these deals with the best jet operators in the world? Simple: We allow you to jump on an aircraft that returns home after dropping off a passenger, or when it flies to pick up a passenger. The private jet industry calls these flights "empty legs" because the plane flies empty. Not anymore with www.lunajets.com!

LunaJets developed a very simple software to give you access to all the empty legs available in our data base, to suit your travel needs. LunaJets negotiates with carefully selected jet operators, to create a low, simple and fixed price menu. link to prices With LunaJets you can buy from a single seat to a whole cabin on flights shorter than 2h30m, or buy the whole cabin for flights longer than 2h31m. If you buy seats (flights shorter than 2h30m) you may share the plane with other LunaJets members. If you buy the cabin the plane is all yours! LunaJets is the first website to offer you the option to book and pay online, via a secure payment procedure, for a private jet flight at prices made affordable. LunaJets also offers additional unique services to make flying on a private jet more affordable to you: Rerouted empty legs to fit your itinerary in case one is not available when you search. Weekend shuttle services on popular routes. A JetShare Forum where members wishing to share a fully flexible jet can find other members to share the cabin. By contacting all our partner operator, we can also find the best competitive quotes for flights on private jets, including finding an aircrat wherever you need, at the very last minute.