15 July 2008 | 2008

Lunajets Redefines Business Aviation Concept

Jet operators are set to maximise their bottom-line profit according to LunaJets, the first website targeted solely at passengers allowing them to purchase empty leg flights at substantially reduced prices. Empty legs are flights returning home empty after dropping off a client.

By using the excess capacity created by empty legs or repositioning, LunaJets is to bring the business aviation industry new passengers who currently fly business class, first class on commercial airlines or the ex-Concorde class.

Eymeric Segard, CEO and co-founder of LunaJets said: "For jet operators filling an empty leg is 100 per cent profitable but they did not have the option until now to sell them directly and transparently to passengers, who in turn benefit from greatly discounted fare.

On the one hand we want to help jet operators maximise their empty legs and, therefore, improve their bottom line profit, a valuable benefit during the ongoing bleak economical situation, especially as LunaJets is free for operators to use. And on the other hand we offer new passengers the opportunity to upgrade to travelling on private jets.

Jet operators can post their empty legs on www.lunajets.com and registered passengers can browse through the list and check prices and available routes.

"We calculated prices that are high enough to make it interesting for jet operators and low enough for passengers to pay that extra premium to fly on private jets. They are calculated on flight time independent of the cabin size, which allows passengers to compare prices with commercial fares and discover the value we offer," Segard said.

On www.lunajets.com, passengers find a list of empty legs within Europe, transatlantic, to and from Russia and the Middle East. LunaJets also offers passengers the option to purchase individual seats on a plane, and share with others, if the flight is shorter than two hours and 30 minutes.