26 October 2008 | 2008

LunaJets - Launches Affordable Private Flying

The luxury of flying private at prices competitive to first and business class has become a reality thanks to the newly- launched web service from LunaJets. The unique LunaJets web service is set to revolutionise private air travel by enabling travellers to directly purchase empty leg flights (private jets returning home empty) within Europe, Middle East, Russia and USA at prices as low as 50 – 80% off a full private jet fare.

Travelers looking to avoid the hassle of overcrowded airports, lengthy check-in times and long delays on commercial airlines can enjoy all the luxury services associated with private aviation: VIP handling and transfer services, a dedicated customer services team and luxury on-board service at substantially reduced prices. Unique to LunaJets is their fixed and transparent pricing structure for empty legs. Prices are calculated on the duration of the flight and are independent of cabin size. LunaJets is the first to offer travellers the possibility to purchase single seats for flights less than 2 hours 30 minutes. Prices start at $1,200.

LunaJets is a green alternative to private air travel; offering passengers the opportunity to buy empty leg flights on existing flights and thereby reduces their carbon footprint. LunaJets innovative web service offers jet operators the opportunity to sell their empty legs directly to travellers. LunaJets’ currently operates in Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East. Jet operators are carefully selected by LunaJets to ensure complete passenger safety and they insist all operators have Aircraft Operator Certificates and insurance documents valid and up-to-date.

Registration on www.lunajets.com is completely free. The transparent web service ensures passengers can quickly locate an empty leg and purchase it directly with a credit card. Passengers can opt to save their favourite routes and receive e-mail alerts as soon as empty legs become available on those routes. LunaJets also offers an on-demand customised flight quotation service to find passengers the best value for any chosen route making it the traveller’s web service of choice to find last minute aircraft anywhere anytime.

Eymeric Segard, CEO and founder of LunaJets commented: “We seek to turn the industry on its head by offering for the first time, jet operators the option, for free, to offer and sell their empty leg flights directly and transparently to passengers, who in turn benefit from hugely discounted fares”.